Celebrities’ Take on Marijuana Packaging and Branding

With 43 states legalizing marijuana in either medical or recreational form, marijuana has a bright future. Celebrities from the entire US have proven to be the most efficient activists in pushing the agenda. Penetrating the growing cannabis market, they have not only spread awareness about marijuana, but they’ve also established their brands.

Some of these personalities have been outspoken about the subject of legalization for decades, giving them an authority on the matter. In the following sections, we will analyze the brands of three of the most notable celeb marijuana entrepreneurs. They’ve transcended mere entrepreneurship, infusing the brand with their personality.

Leafs by Snoop

With lyrics such as “I’m Bob Marley reincarnated” and hit songs such as California Roll and Kush, Snoop Dogg has always been outspoken about his marijuana use. He entered the music business at a young age, changing the game forever with his debut Doggystyle.

Being one of the first stars to endorse marijuana publicly and promote its use came with a fair share of consequences. Instead of stopping him, these legal problems only helped Snoop accomplish his goal. As Snoop grew as both as a person and as a cultural icon, he realized that starting his brand is the only logical choice.

Thus, Leafs by Snoop (LBS) was born. This wasn’t just an ordinary business venture, as the legendary rapper wanted to infuse the brand with his pizzazz and personality. He wanted to share his passion uniquely, with a goal to make legal cannabis both quality and attractive to everyone. Inspired by his fashion style and personality, Snoop wanted LBS to be appealing to both seniors and young people, to both medical users and recreational smokers.

LBS combines elements of Snoop’s unique character – gold jewelry, his home state of California and the myriad of slang terms he personally coined. Both edibles and flowers are included in the LBS line. Out of all the facets of this successful brand, there is nothing more amazing than the packaging.

It perfectly depicts the evolution of both Snoop and the marijuana industry. Every package is child-proof, made out of recyclable materials and designed with Snoop’s own personal touch. The soothing images of Californian palms and sunsets will calm anyone, showing that marijuana is not a niche plant anymore. This is the future of marijuana packaging and branding – appealing to all with unique design solutions.

Willie’s Reserve

Even though country music was always seen as a rebellious form of art, few artists have been outspoken about marijuana. Willie Nelson was never afraid to point out the injustices of the War on Drugs and bring awareness to the subject. Just like Snoop, Willie realized that he could use his own unique take on cannabis culture and turn it into a brand. For Willie, marijuana was about sharing and growing closer with people from all walks of life.

A clear indicator of Willie’s philosophy is his recent release of a personalized CBD coffee line in Texas. In contrast to Snoop’s extravagance and flashy persona, Willie is more of an old-school cannabis enthusiast. This is evident when you take a look at his take on marijuana packaging and branding. Vintage-looking cardboard packaging and bright colors tell the same story Willie does – marijuana culture is for everyone.

With his undying enthusiasm and rich cultural influence, Willie is positioning himself as one of the leaders of the cannabis industry. At 85, he still has the same flair, but he prefers to keep things simple. Even the more complex designs of his glass jars or vape cartridge packages are clear and understandable by everyone.

The industry desperately needs people like Mr. Nelson to join the cause. With new CBD-infused coffee products and various edibles, Willie’s Reserve is a brand in touch with current trends and fads. In addition to the simple, old-school passaging, Willie has revolutionized the marijuana industry in one other way.

Instead of re-selling marijuana grown on big farms, Willie’s Reserve partners with independent farmers from all legal states. They are always looking for new partners, infusing the concept of brotherhood to elevate their branding as a means to change cannabis culture forever. Ever since the inception of his partnership business model, more and more cannabis brands have started supporting local, independent growers.

Chong’s Choice

The 1960s and 70s were not a good time for cannabis activism. Government scrutiny was at an all-time high, making life very difficult for people like Tommy Chong. As one half of the comedy duo Cheech and Chong, he toured the US and caused thousands of people to laugh. He and his partner single-handedly created the genre of stoner comedy, a unique form of art infused with marijuana activism.

Not too long ago, Tommy decided to create his own marijuana brand and infuse it with the art that he helped create. As society became more progressive, Chong decided to use his authority and fame to launch his own cannabis brand – Chong’s Choice. In addition to selling premium products, Chong’s packaging emphasizes the benefits of marijuana and its undeniable importance in today’s world.

The main focus of Chong’s Choice line of products is CBD and its medicinal applications. Partnering with growers from five states, Chong is giving a chance to independent growers. Together, they have created a movement that is showing no signs of stopping.

Every form of packaging revolves around a monochromatic designed, focused on contrast and simplicity. A stencil of his smiling face is shown above a simple logo, comprised of a mix of cursive writing and big bolded letters. It’s exactly what Tommy stands for – a no-nonsense approach, devoid of any deceptive marketing schemes and gimmicks. The product is the crux, and Chong’s Choice vehemently defends the rights of independent growers and their place in the modern marijuana industry.

Concluding thoughts

Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Tommy Chong are the holy trinity of celebrity cannabis endorsement. Their take on marijuana packaging and branding is a unique mix of history and a little bit of a personal touch. True icons that sell equally iconic products.

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