Closures for Cannabis Packaging: Pop top vs Push and Turn vs Flip top Bottles

Colorful plastic pop top containers for cannabis packaging.

Many types of closures for cannabis products are available today that include everything from traditional push-and-turn systems to other innovative designs. Closures need to be both child-resistant and yet senior-friendly, which can pose a challenge.

When consumers purchase a cannabis product, they do not want to struggle with challenging packaging, they cannot open easily. At the same time, the closures are required to prevent children from opening the packaging and consuming the cannabis inside.

Companies are coming up with innovative closure systems that are safe for children and yet easy to open for older adults who may have difficulty using their hands due to conditions like arthritis. They are developing closures that are able to accomplish both of these goals.

Importance of consistency and quality

Using the same manufacturer for bottles and closures ensures that they function properly together and can save money and time. The best packaging suppliers understand the importance of consistency in the manufacturing process. Careful engineering is necessary for plastic cannabis packaging to perform perfectly.

A proper seal between the bottle and the closure is a crucial element. If a bottle top is not even, it will result in a poor closure seal and this puts the product at risk of contamination and decreases consumer confidence in the product.

Cannabis products need to be in airtight containers because they deteriorate and lose potency when exposed to oxygen, light or humidity. Quality containers are made to be completely airtight and will prevent any deterioration of the products inside.

The country of origin is also important to consider as plastic bottles and closures manufactured in certain countries may have colorant or impurities in the resin that could leach into the products.

Bottles need to be manufactured under strict safety guidelines to make sure of the safety of products and consumers. It is important to work with packaging partners that emphasize quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

Reasons for utilizing the best closures

Apart from making packaging child-resistant, the best closures make it easier to dispense products and improve the longevity of perishable products as the seal is airtight when closed. They protect products from contaminating factors such as moisture and dirt.

Companies use many different types of closures to seal their products including screw tops, snap on closures, tamper resistant caps, push-and-turn caps, pop tops and flip tops. Attributes such as liners, thread types and dispensers also play a role in determining the type of closure used on a container.

Companies are also able to apply custom designs to certain types of closures and this can help them to reflect their brand image and add easy access to products for improved customer satisfaction. The latest containers and closures are engineered to offer many different customization options as well as compliance with regulations. Color, size and shape are some design aspects that can be customized.

Pop top closures

For companies that value ease of use while staying compliant, pop top bottles provide a trusted solution and they are child-resistant. Green Rush Packaging offers child-resistant pop top bottles and squeeze top containers that seal in freshness and protect the potency of the cannabis. The pop top bottle packaging displays, store and sells up to 14g of flower, concentrate or edibles and the design includes a certified compliant hinged lid.

Push-and-turn closures

Today, we tend to take child-resistant closures for granted but there was a time when many children died from consuming products that were harmful to them.

Dr. Henri J. Breault of Ontario is credited with inventing and patenting the child-proof “Palm and turn” device. He was pumping so many children’s stomachs after they ingested pills that he decided to do something about it. The child safety cap designed by Dr. Breault with the help of manufacturer Peter Hedgwick has saved countless lives since then.

Push-and-turn threaded caps are often used with plastic bottles for storing medication. Plastic push-and-turn caps are commonly used to create child-resistant packaging combinations with durable glass or plastic containers. Child resistant reverse cap bottles and push & turn containers keep doing the job of keeping children safe today and prevent them from consuming cannabis.

Flip top bottles

Flip top closures are very commonly used because they are so convenient and affordable. Green Rush Packaging has flip top containers and pill bottles available in opaque and translucent colors. It is possible to display or store a gram of cannabis flower in these containers. Tamper-evident seals are available.

 What to do with empty cannabis containers

As well as protecting children from ingesting harmful products, child-resistant plastic closures also have some other benefits in that they are economical and recyclable.

Throwing containers in the trash means they end up in landfills and there are other ways to dispose of them.

High-quality containers can be repurposed for use around the house. Use them to store items like make-up, craft supplies, jewelry, paperclips and much more.

It is also possible to recycle them by taking them to a local recycling center. In most cases, containers must be thoroughly washed and the labels removed for them to be accepted.

A number of organizations accept old containers and either use them or send them to countries that need them for medical supplies or they will recycle them for profit.

Some dispensaries are legally allowed to refill containers with new product or collect used containers to re-use.

The bottom line

For optimal product safety, closures need to be manufactured consistently and with proper quality control measures in place. Efficient closures make product packaging more accessible and practical.

Packaging that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to open offers the best customer experience. The closures companies use can help to accomplish this and attract a wider customer base. When using plastic containers and closures, it is possible for consumers to repurpose, re-use or recycle them rather than just throwing them in the trash where they end up in landfills and contribute to the plastics problem.

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