How to Choose Child-Resistant Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis buds inside clear ziplock bag on dark surface.

Over the past decade, demand for cannabis products has grown sharply. Most states have legalized cannabis sales. This has made the products available everywhere within the states where cannabis is legal. Customers can buy products and carry them home. 

At home, children can accidentally access cannabis-infused food and consume it. In the states where cannabis products have been approved, it is a requirement that manufacturers use child-resistant cannabis packaging. Consider these tips when choosing cannabis child-resistant packaging. 

What makes good cannabis packaging?

Good cannabis packaging must meet several qualities. 

It must be attractive

Before a customer considers the content in the cannabis packaging, they must first be attracted by it. When displayed on the shelf, it should be eye-catching. Many people consider buying a product because of the appeal of its packaging. A customer’s decision to buy cannabis products is almost 50% influenced by the packaging.

It should portray safety

The next consideration by cannabis customers is safety. When they hold the packaging, it should convince them that the content inside is safe. If they suspect the content might not be safe, they will reject the product. Safety means the product is not contaminated. It also means the product is fresh. 

It must contain information

The customer should not spend all their time asking the attendant to explain the content inside. The cannabis child-resistant packaging should have all information about its content typed clearly and legibly. 

It must be portable

Most customers would not wish to carry their cannabis products in a way that everyone on the streets or at home can see. It should be small enough to fit in a bag or pocket yet contain the right quantity of the product. 

It must be child-resistant

Cannabis packaging should provide safety to children. A child should not easily access the packaging and its content. Mostly, customers place the packing in their bedroom on top or inside a drawer. It is easy for a child to enter the room when there is no one and consume the content. Since the packaging is appealing, they could easily be attracted to taste the content. The packaging should be child-resistant. 

How to choose child-resistant cannabis packaging

The cannabis market is growing fast. Cannabis companies are venturing into new markets as more states legalize the products. There are bigger markets for pre-rolls, flowers, concentrates, edibles, and many more. As more people buy the products, the chances of children ingesting cannabis increase. They could ingest cannabis-infused lollipops, edible gummies, and many more.  

Understand what child-resistant cannabis packaging means

Cannabis child-resistant packaging means cannabis containers, jars, mylar bags, tubes, dropper bottles, and other packaging products that contain a locking mechanism that a child cannot unlock easily. Some children might be cunning enough to open or unlock the seals. Regardless, at least over 80% of children should not be able to open the packaging once it is sealed. 

Understand the different types of cannabis child-resistant packaging

Unlike when the cannabis market was still young, the increase in technology has enabled cannabis packaging manufacturers to manufacture a large variety of child-resistant cannabis packaging. They are made to require a combination of multiple movements that need more strength. 

Child-resistant jars

Child-resistant jars keep cannabis products fresh and safe, but they are also not easy to be opened by children. The jars are sealed with a special child lock safety cap. The cap ensures the jar is airtight to increase the product’s shelf life. The jar’s volumes range between 1 oz. to 18 oz. They are recyclable and come in different colors. They are available in square, wide mouth, or straight-sided. The user has to push and turn to open.  

Child-resistant bags

Child-resistant bags come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and materials. Most of them have a locking zipper pouch plus a single-use option. There are other types of child-resistant cannabis packaging bags that come with patented press and seal zippers.  

They are not only child-resistant, but they also keep away moisture. They are used for packaging edibles, medicinal flowers, cannabis-infused food, concentrates, and vape cartridges. The varieties available in the market are recyclable pinch and slide matte black and pinch and pull mylar bags of different sizes. 

Child-resistant tubes

Child-resistant tubes are mostly push and turn types of tubes. They are very good for protecting the formula of the cannabis content in them. Pre-roll cannabis packaging is in this category. It is made of polycarbonate and is created to package joint packages. To open it, the user must either exert pressure and flop the top open or squeeze the sides with force. Most vape cartridge tubes have different caps like press buttons, ribbed caps, pop-top, and push-down and turn. 

Child-resistant tinctures

Child-resistant tinctures can be tempting to children because they look like feeding bottles. Some of them are entirely opaque, and a child cannot see the content inside. The bottle is made of solid glass to provide a heavy-duty custom design. Their droppers are designed to allow only a single drop at a time. They are the best for cannabis products that must be consumed in specific doses. They mostly open by pushing down and turning. 

Child-resistant concentrate containers

Child-resistant concentrate containers are created using a thick glass paired with a dark child-resistant cap. The contents are usually visible through the glass. To open, a user has to grip and turn. They are mostly available in 7ml and 5ml packaging. The cap is made in a way that ensures the products remain fresh and free from moisture. 

Check quality of Cannabis Packaging

Any cannabis child-resistant packaging should not only be child-resistant but also of the best quality. There are different ways to check quality. The packaging must keep the products fresh. They must have seals that protect the content from moisture. 

Moisture is the number one destroyer of cannabis products. If it gets into the package, the content can change taste, color, or develop aflatoxins. The product reduces its shelf life significantly. The child-resistant cannabis packaging should keep the content safe. It should not spill off during transportation or at any level.

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