Lunar New Year – Don’t Let Holidays Affect Your Order

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The Lunar New Year is just a few months away. It is one of the highly celebrated holidays spanning up to 16 days. In this year’s holiday, online orders exceeded by over 30%. In the US marijuana market, the surge in lunar year shopping often affects supply. The season is characterized by delays in the delivery of cannabis products and custom marijuana packaging. 


Planning for your lunar year marijuana shopping is something that you need to consider. This includes ordering your custom marijuana packaging boxes. To avoid shipment delays, know the exact season for the holidays. Place your orders early and ensure you give the correct shipment details. 


Marking the lunar year dates on your calendar


The US uses the Gregorian calendar while the lunar year follows the lunar calendar. Due to this, the dates never match. A lunar year is usually shorter than a Gregorian year. Due to this, the dates of the holiday fall between January 21st and February 20th. For instance, the holiday is set to start on February 10, 2024. 


How the Lunar Year holidays affect the marijuana supply chain


The lunar year holiday is not only celebrated in China but in the entire world. During this time, many people, especially those in China travel to join their families in the celebration. A lot of companies also close for the holidays meaning production comes to a halt. More workers take leave which creates a human resource gap across the globe. 


This mass exodus of people and shutdown of production has a significant effect on the supply chain. If you are planning to customize your packaging, the season could affect both production and shipment delays caused by the following factors. 


  • Less space on transport vessels and challenges in getting local and international transport solutions. 


  • Disruption of production due to surging orders. As more orders get added to the queue, it could mean the processing of your order could get delayed by up to four weeks or more. 


  • The supply of raw materials for producing custom marijuana packaging boxes could also be affected. 


How to avoid shipment delays during the lunar holiday


Know your supply chain needs. Your supply chain presents a wide range of needs to you. This includes the minimum order quantity needed and minimum transit times. For instance, the MOQ for your custom marijuana packaging boxes could be 10,000 pcs. Production time for the order could be 14 days. Shipment might require two weeks or more depending on your location and local logistics. 


Under normal conditions, you need a minimum of 30 to 40 days to get your order to your doorstep. During the busy seasons such as holidays, this time could extend to two months or more. If you understand this well, it gives you a chance to plan on when to place your order. 


Keep your stocks under strict check. It is important to know how many pieces of custom marijuana packaging boxes leave your store daily and what balance is left. This offers you a chance to place your order in advance before you run out of stock.


Order higher quantities. If you are used to ordering the minimum quantity, you might get out of stock sooner in the upcoming holiday. The solution is to order double or even triple the amount if possible. You will be sure you have to last you throughout the season. 


Order in advance and know the deadline for placing your order. Many companies will close a few days before the holiday starts. Once the season begins, resumption of normal production could take another two weeks. It is important to understand when your custom marijuana packaging supplier will close taking orders. For instance, the cutoff date for the Green Rush Packing company will be December 8, 2023. If you miss that date, it means your supply chain will be affected and you will not be able to serve your customers well. 


How to take maximum advantage of the Lunar New Year


Ensure you have enough stock. In 2023, statistics by Statista show that Lunar New Year sales surged by 30%. It is expected that this year might attract higher sales. Based on last year’s statistics, you should increase your stocks by at least 40%. That includes increasing your custom marijuana packaging stocks. 


Offer sales. You can capture a wider market by offering sales and discounts. The amount of discount or sales offers you give might not be much. However, they can make the highest difference in your total revenue. 


Invest in online marketing. Avoid relying on local customers only but instead, capitalize on customers across the state including other countries. The best way to reach out is to conduct extensive online marketing.

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