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The 2023 CWCB Expo is set to start from June 1 to 3. The event will be held in New York City, at the Javits Convention Center. Online registration by everyone who wishes to attend is ongoing. Both individuals and corporations can register and book their slots at the convention center.  

The event is one of the world’s largest cannabis business events. The organizers invite renowned speakers from the cannabis sector and other businesses. Speakers in this year’s event include Harry Carpenter from the cannabis advisory service. Speakers like Brandon Kurtzman of Vincente and Renata Serban of Citrin Cooperman will be present. 

What is the CWCB Expo about?

CWCB stands for Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition. It is a popular forum that convenes together different stakeholders in the cannabis sector. They include:

  • Dispensary owners
  • Cannabis growers
  • Market suppliers
  • Key investors
  • Medical experts
  • Government and private regulators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Legal counsel

The forum focuses on educating professionals and connecting them to boost the cannabis industry. It helps attendees build productive networks. The cannabis sector is one of the fastest-expanding sectors in North America. The CWCB Expo creates valuable conference programs for the cannabis and hemp sector. It organizes the programs into educational sessions. 

All of them are relevant to today’s changing cannabis market. They cover both the local and national overview of the sector. It is an opportunity for investors to boost their brands, promote efficiencies, and get investment opportunities. 

What to expect in New York at this year’s CWCB Expo 

New York is regarded as the global business capital. Since legalization, the capital and the whole tri state region are developing into leading cannabis and hemp business regions in the U.S. The 3-day CWCB Expo will be a special event for all attendees. It will provide a platform for networking in New York and beyond. It will be one big exhibition divided into several booths. Featured in the event will be:

  • Grower’s Field
  • Women’s Pavilion
  • University Row
  • Cannabis NYC
  • Several modern-style exhibition booths. For instance, Green Rush Packaging will be in Booth#203. 

Also featured will be two excellent programs. Additionally, there will be a boot camp for adult use retail dispensaries business. This event will be held on June 3 from 8 am to 11 am. It is designed for attendees interested in starting a cannabis business. Specifically, it is for investors seeking to apply for adult-use retail licenses. It will also be beneficial for everyone interested in starting a retail dispensary. 

Anyone who has already received their retail license will find this bootcamp beneficial. It covers topics such as how to own and manage a retail dispensary. Attendees will learn ideas for strategies to run a successful cannabis business. It will cover the benefits of both medical and recreational cannabis licenses in legalized states. There will be qualified business advisors to help answer all questions from attendees. 

About the CannaVest East Institutional Capital Forum

The CannaVest East Institutional Capital Forum was started with the investor and the family office in mind. It will help give a broadened outlook on the growing marijuana sector. It will also help explore the wide range of investment options available in the sector. It will be a great opportunity for creating a vibrant, well-managed, and socially just marijuana sector. 

Still, it will be a big chance to extend advocacy and educate people and society about the recently legalized markets. The forum will be based at the CWCB Expo, Javits Convention Center. To attend, investors need to be prequalified and approved. It must be done before the event dates. A prequalification form is available on the CannaVest East Institutional Capital Forum website.  If approved, you will get a chance to buy discounted tickets. It will bring together:

  • Brands
  • Venture capitalists
  • Regulators
  • Equity funds
  • Retailers
  • Advocators
  • High net-worth investors

Where to find Green Rush Packaging Booth

Green Rush Packaging is a premium marijuana packaging solutions provider. It manufactures custom packaging for recreational and medical marijuana. It is one of the exhibitors who will be present at this year’s CWCB Expo. You will find them at Booth #203 to learn more about their packaging solutions. 

About the CWCB Expo seminar program 

There will be different sessions customized for the CWCB Expo attendees. All the sessions have been organized by the New York Office of Cannabis Management. Some of the key topics to be presented will be:

  • New marijuana trends in the market in a post-pandemic era
  • Investment opportunities in California against opportunities in recently legalized markets
  • An outlook and forecast by an equity analyst
  • How to survive and succeed in a maturing and regulated market
  • The growth of debt financing and how it’s affecting market dynamics
  • Adult use changes in Germany and Europe
  • Investment opportunities in New York, CT, and New Jersey

Registration for the conference is going on. Individuals and companies are welcome to attend. They include cannabis operators, farm owners, retail dispensaries owners, and brands. The three-day event will be packed with activities to remember, learn, and enjoy. The cannabis market is maturing and moving toward sustainability. Already, manufacturers have started to create compostable packaging solutions. These will be some of the important lessons to learn at the event. 

About the New York Cannabis and Hemp Convention (NECANN) in September 2023 

This year, New York will host two major cannabis conventions. After the June event, there will be another major cannabis event from September 29 to 30, 2023. It will be hosted at the Albany Capital Center, Albany, NY. It will be the only convention that will strictly focus on the fast-growing New York cannabis market.

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