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Several States in Play to Legalize Marijuana This Year Through Legislation

marijuana legalization

Marijuana legalization has been a back-and-forth game, with Democrats and Republicans having their own opinions about it. These congressional debates have dragged out legalization in most states in the U.S preventing significant industry developments that could have been made. Despite the hardships faced by the cannabis industry, gradually, states are legalizing the cultivation, retail, and consumption of marijuana. In 2022, several states are in play to legalize marijuana. Which states are these?

Arkansas adult-use legalization

Arkansas has the first two quarters of 2022 to get the signatures required to legalize adult-use marijuana. The group leading this ballot, Arkansas True Grass, will not rest until marijuana is legalized for recreational use in this state. 

This bill that has been taken to the ballot will allow Arkansas citizens to purchase 4 ounces of marijuana which is a very generous amount considering the limit of other states. Right at the beginning of the third quarter of 2022, Arkansas True Grass should have all the signatures needed to pass this bill.

Missouri marijuana campaign 

In Missouri, marijuana advocates have identified the negative impact of the illegal cannabis market. At the same time, they have realized the revenue that can be derived from taxes if this were a controlled industry. Some have wondered, where is marijuana legal in Missouri? 

There are places where the cannabis trade has been licensed but there are heavy restrictions on it and it’s not well-regulated. This all could change during 2022 as a lot of voters are willing to vote in favor of this bill.

North Carolina’s battle for medical marijuana

North Carolina has tried joining the legal marihuana’s states for a long time. The bill has been pushed twice and never made it that far. Since North Carolina is still battling medical marijuana, it could be a long way until they can approve recreational cannabis consumption. 

Although this state has been tight as a drum, 2022 could be the year that changes the cannabis landscape. However, with the number of states caving in to allow medical and recreational marijuana, North Carolina might feel under pressure to take action. 

Connecticut’s cannabis industry 

Some cannabis trading licenses will be available for application in Connecticut from February 2022. These steps indicate that this state has passed all the legal frameworks and is ready to begin operations. Retailers might have to wait a couple of months for their licensing applications to be reviewed. With that in mind, users might only start freely buying cannabis in mid-2022.

Two-pronged campaign for Idaho

Idaho has two different campaigns being presented and even taken to the ballot in 2022. Out of these two campaigns, one could be bound to be approved either the medical marijuana bill or the decriminalization of cannabis. 

 If Idaho will prefer being conservative, Congress might approve medical marijuana with stricter regulations. On the other hand, if the committee feels that this industry could best be explored and profited from, decriminalization might be the choice they make.

Wyoming to try and enter the marijuana market

Cannabis legalization seemed to be at its infancy in Wyoming since it has not even legalized cannabis for medical purposes. This state is being pressured by neighboring states, namely South Dakota and Montana. The matter is also taken to the ballots in Wyoming and the benefits of medical marijuana have been made clear to the constituents in this state. Hopefully, the outcome will favor this bill being passed to liberate cannabis users in Wyoming.

Delaware’s House Bill 150

The best way to benefit from the cannabis industry from a governmental perspective is having control over it but allowing the free trade thereof. That is what Delaware is looking into with House Bill 150, which aims to decriminalize cannabis. 

To control this industry, a regulatory framework will be established to tax and regulate recreational marijuana. This bill has the support of the majority of Delaware citizens since 61% have already voted in favor of it.

Pennsylvania pushes Cannabis Regulatory Control Act

Pennsylvania is also feeling the pressure from New Jersey’s eased restrictions on cannabis and fortunately enough, this state is taking action. A bill is currently being considered to decriminalize having 1 ounce of cannabis and 5 grams of concentrate for personal use. 

The bill is being spearheaded by someone you would not expect, a former law-enforcement officer with 23 years of experience. Senator Mike Regan joining the fight to legalize recreational cannabis could reach a seemingly tough audience to agree with this bill.

Maryland takes cannabis legalization to the ballot

Maryland is taking decisive action to join the marijuana trade industry by taking the legalization thereof to the general election ballot. The Senate has agreed to put this matter in the hands of the citizens. 

House Speaker Jones pledged her support for this matter to be deferred to the general public for a vote. With citizens nationwide seeing the benefits of marijuana legalization, this state might be on the fast lane to having relaxed cannabis regulations.

Minnesota to put into effect its recreational consumption bill 

In mid-2021, Minnesota passed a bill approved by a 72-61 margin to legalize recreational marijuana. This Democrat-led bill was approved in May and has ramped up the adult-use consumption for 2022. In 2022, Minnesota expects growth in supplier numbers since the industry is gradually opening up for non-medical retailers. 

The changes being implemented by Minnesota will also have a positive impact on the craft cannabis product market, such as energy drinks and alcoholic ciders.

Final thoughts

U.S. states are feeling pressure from neighboring counties and cities to also approve cannabis legalization bills. The best way to do this is to take it to the people and they can vote for it on the ballots. 2022 seems to be a busy year for the cannabis industry, with a lot of ballot votes coming up and approved legal framework implementation. This year might be setting the platform for more state legalizations in years to come.

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