Why Your Brand Needs to Prioritize Pre Rolls

Pre rolled cannabis joints with marijuana buds on white background.

The cannabis market is growing fast, but some products seem to do better than others. Pre roll cones have so far recorded a boom compared to other products. Due to this, the industry has invested more to modify pre rolls and make them more appealing to customers.

The cannabis companies are focusing more on packaging. Most customers buy products based on how appealing the packaging design is. Brands should give priority to cannabis pre roll packaging to help them take advantage of the ready market.

Advantages of pre roll packaging

No matter how well done the pre roll packaging is, they cannot satisfy the market if the packaging is wrong. Pre roll cannabis can be high-quality, but customers are first attracted by the packaging. It gives customers the notion that the product inside is of good quality. Packaging is a principle that works across all industries.

Cannabis companies should invest more in pre roll packaging and do consistent research on ways to appeal to customers through packaging. There are many reasons why cannabis pre roll packaging plays a significant role in pre rolls consumption.

Customers easily identify products that have been packaged well. By investing in good cannabis pre roll packaging, the products stand out from the rest. They easily grab the attention of customers, which could influence their purchasing decision.

Marijuana pre rolls that have been packaged well stay fresh. Good packaging protects the products from direct sunlight. It protects the products from humidity and moisture, which compromises quality. Cannabis companies should not only prioritize producing quality pre roll cannabis but also quality packaging to keep the products fresh.

Good packaging enhances customer satisfaction. Effective packaging makes a pleasant first impression on customers. Because it also keeps the products safe and fresh, the customer gets satisfied and becomes a consistent customer.

The packing helps protect the pre rolls during transit. A lot of things can happen during transit that affect the chemical composition of the pre rolls. From the factory, the product could be transported hundreds of miles away. Packaging is part of branding, which helps promote brand awareness.

1. Access to better quality cannabis flowers

The booming market for pre rolled cones, customized cones and filters is not slowing down any time soon. More states are legalizing both recreational and medical use of marijuana. With each legalization, more cannabis stores open across the states. Due to higher demand, cannabis companies produce pre rolls in large volumes.

To meet the demand, they order more marijuana from the growers. This gives them the advantage of ordering the best quality marijuana flowers. The company consistently produces fresh marijuana pre rolls, unlike the consumers who buy them from the stores.

Customers tend to buy marijuana pre rolls from different brands at different times. They aim to test quality before they decide which brand to settle for. Cannabis pre roll packaging is crucial in keeping the pre rolls fresh all the time. If a product stays on the cannabis store shelves for two weeks, the customer should find it fresh just the same way it was during packaging.

2. Pre rolls present an 11% market share

Every month, more pre roll cannabis joints open doors to the public. Pre rolls business is presenting impressive business opportunities across the US and beyond. Despite the challenges experienced during the pandemic, the marijuana pre rolls market was not affected. Instead, it continued to record growth throughout that season.

Between 2018 to 2021, the marijuana pre rolls market recorded a growth of between 7% to 11% year after year. It hit the highest record in 2021 after hitting 10.9% growth. Significant growth is expected in 2022. Throughout the period, pre roll cannabis has only been outpaced by flower sales.

Recently, the varieties of pre roll joints have kept increasing. Nevertheless, customers have shown more interest in the product varieties as well. The marijuana pre rolls that customers have taken more interest in are the hybrid types that are produced by infusing cannabis oils and kief. They present 30% of the market share although they cost more. Competition has created a higher demand for cannabis pre roll packaging that will help individual companies stay in business.

Quality enhancement in terms of content and cannabis pre roll packaging have triggered a change in the processing approach. Already, at least 95% of cannabis companies are heavily investing in expansion plans. The companies must respond to market demands and what the customers want.

3. Video marketing is key

Marketing of marijuana pre rolls is booming as demand booms. Cannabis companies are using various platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and DailyMotion to market their products. Cannabis pre roll advertisements do not focus on TV commercials but on free video platforms. Video ads are a fast-growing trend in the cannabis market. Experts predict that spending on video ads will increase to $22 billion in 2022.

The main types of pre roll cannabis ads used by cannabis companies are mid-roll advertisements which are placed in the middle of a video. Another type is pre roll advertisements which are placed before a video starts. The last type is post-roll advertisements which are placed at the end of a video.

The choice of where to place an in-stream ad depends on the intended purpose. They are great when companies are launching products when creating brand awareness, educating customers about products, or creating purchase intent.

Why pre rolls are popular with customers

The marijuana pre rolls market had to deal with a bleak future in the past before decriminalization laws were passed. Now that more than ¾ of the US states have legalized cannabis, the future is now bright for the cannabis market. There are many reasons why customers love pre rolls.

  • Affordability: The wholesale price for most pre rolls is about $2. Retailers sell them at between $5 and $15, although the hybrids could cost as high as $40. This is a price that most users can afford.
  • Convenience: Pre roll users can buy the products from any cannabis dispensary. Most cannabis companies have been innovative with pre rolls and created varieties of pre rolls. Cannabis pre roll packaging has also taken a new dimension recently. The products come packaged in impressive styles. Although the products were initially criticized, they have now transformed into beautiful, high-quality products.

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