GRIP 'N PULL™ Child Resistant Exit Bags

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Promote Your Brand with Certified Child Resistant Exit Bags from Green Rush Packaging

Certified Child Resistant GRIP N PULL™ Exit Bags are a must-have solution for safe and secure transportation and storage of cannabis products. Green Rush Packaging proudly offers top-of-the-line large exit bags that are designed to meet nationwide child-resistant compliance standards, ensuring peace of mind for both producers and consumers.

Our innovative GRIP N PULL design combines ease of use with reliable child-resistant features, making it ideal for discreet daily storage needs. These exit bags are versatile and can store a variety of cannabis products, including marijuana flower, edibles, and concentrates.

Dependable Packaging for Dispensaries

At Green Rush Packaging, we are committed to providing the best quality cannabis packaging solutions at competitive prices. Our trusted exit bags not only offer functionality but can also be used at dispensary checkouts so customers can carry their purchased items out of the door securely.

Quality Cannabis Packaging Solutions

For companies seeking high-quality and reliable marijuana packaging solutions, Green Rush Packaging is your go-to source. Whether you’re a dispensary owner, grower, packer, or distributor, our Certified Child Resistant GRIP N PULL Exit Bags offer the perfect combination of security and convenience.

Elevate Your Cannabis Brand

Create more awareness and visibility for your brand and ensure compliance with industry standards by choosing Green Rush Packaging for all your exit bag needs. Request a custom quote today to explore branding options and make a lasting impression in the competitive cannabis market.