Child Resistant Reverse Cap Bottles and Push & Turn Containers

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Discover High-Quality Reverse Cap Bottles for Your Cannabis Packaging Needs from Green Rush Packaging

Looking for reliable and stylish packaging solutions for your cannabis products? We offer a wide selection of reverse cap bottles that are perfect for storing and displaying marijuana flower, edibles, or concentrates. Our reverse cap bottles are made from durable polypropylene plastic and come in various sizes and colors to suit your specific requirements.

Keep Your Products Fresh & Secure with Reverse Cap Bottles

Our reverse cap bottles feature a tightly sealing cap that helps maintain the freshness of your cannabis products while ensuring safety and security. They’re available in the following sizes:

Whether you’re a grower, packer, cannabis shop, or manufacturer, our reverse cap bottles are designed to meet your packaging needs.

For an additional layer of protection, our tamper-evident seals give you peace of mind knowing your products are securely packaged.

Note: Tamper-evident seals can be purchased separately. Get details.

Customize Your Packaging to Stand Out in the Market

At Green Rush Packaging, we understand the importance of branding and visibility in the competitive cannabis industry. That’s why all our packaging products, including reverse cap bottles, are fully customizable to reflect your unique brand identity.

Make a lasting impression on customers and dispensaries by choosing packaging that not only protects your products but also helps them stand out on the shelves. Request a free custom quote, and take your cannabis packaging to the next level!