Beverage Packaging

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Elevate Your Beverage Packaging with Safety & Style Solutions from Green Rush Packaging

Safety is paramount when it comes to cannabis and hemp-infused beverages. Our child-resistant caps for cannabis beverages provide the protection and compliance your business needs. Our innovative Grip ‘N Sip cap meets all child-resistant packaging guidelines, giving you peace of mind that your products will reach customers securely.

Unlock Compliance & Convenience

Our exclusive and patented beverage cap designs meet all relevant compliance standards for secure cannabis packaging. Choose from two child-resistant cap options:

Multi-Use Grip ‘N SIP™ CR Beverage Cap

Single-Use Grip ‘N SIP™ CR Beverage Cap

Sustainable Durability

Our beverage caps blend exceptional durability with an eco-conscious approach. Crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene, they offer a reusable, planet-friendly solution that doesn’t compromise on strength or reliability. Protect your products while protecting the environment.

Unparalleled Product Protection

Our commitment to quality means your beverages enjoy superior product protection at every stage – from filling to shipment to consumption. Trust our child-resistant caps to deliver an air-tight seal that locks in freshness, flavor, and potency.