GRIP 'N PULL™ Child Resistant Bags

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Lock in Security, Unlock Success: Discover Certified Child Resistant Bags from Green Rush Packaging

Looking for top-notch child resistant packaging solutions for your cannabis products? Look no further than our selection of Certified Child Resistant GRIP ‘N PULL™ Bags. Our high-quality bags are designed to ensure safe transportation and storage of your items, providing peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Innovative Design for Secure Storage

The innovative GRIP ‘N PULL child resistant resealable design sets these bags apart from the rest. Easy to use and ideal for discrete daily storage, these bags meet all nationwide child resistant compliance standards, keeping your products safe and secure. Whether you’re storing flower, edibles, or concentrates, our child resistant reclosable bags offer the protection you need.

Premium Quality Packaging Solutions

At Green Rush Packaging, we pride ourselves on offering the absolute best in flower, concentrate, and edible barrier bag packaging at competitive prices. Our clear and matte child resistant bags not only provide the security you require but also serve as a perfect canvas for custom logo branding. Promote your brand with our customizable packaging solutions: get a free quote today and see the difference for yourself!