Pyro Pre Roll Cases

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Pyro™ Pre Roll Cases from Green Rush Packaging: Innovative Cannabis Packaging Made Simple

Elevate your marijuana pre-roll game with our cutting-edge Pyro™ Pre Roll Cases. These sleek and secure cases are designed to keep your pre-rolled products fresh, protected, and ready for an exceptional consumer experience.

Whether packaging multi-packs, transporting pre-rolls, or ensuring long-lasting freshness, the Pyro Pre Roll Case is a versatile solution for dispensaries, marijuana shops, growers, packers, and distributors alike. Available in:

Unparalleled Protection & Portability

Our patent-pending Pyro Pre Roll Cases offer superior crush protection to preserve the integrity of your pre-rolls during transportation and storage. The compact size fits perfectly in a pocket or bag for ultimate portability and discretion.

Child-Resistant & Eco-Conscious

Certified child-resistant and crafted from post-consumer recycled materials, these cases meet strict compliance standards while promoting sustainable practices. Trust that your products are secure and your business is environmentally responsible.

Tailored Branding Solutions

Customize your Pyro Pre Roll Cases with our affordable branding options to create a cohesive, branded product line that stands out. From logo printing to custom colors, make these cases unmistakably yours. Request a free customization quote today!