Mylar Bags

Potency Preserved, Brand Power Unleashed: Mylar Barrier Bags from Green Rush Packaging

Mylar barrier bags are the ideal choice for storing marijuana due to their exceptional ability to create a protective barrier against light, air, and moisture. This barrier helps to preserve the potency, flavor, and freshness of the cannabis flower, concentrates, or edibles stored inside. With a 5 mil thickness, our high-quality Mylar bags provide durability and reliability, ensuring that your products remain secure and well-protected.

Features of Our Mylar Barrier Bags

Our Mylar barrier bags are designed for ease of use and convenience. With a variety of sizes available, these stylish and heat-sealed bags are ideal for storing marijuana flower or edibles. The resealable closure feature allows for easy access while maintaining the freshness and potency of the product. These smell-proof bags are not only functional but also provide a perfect canvas for branding your products, helping you stand out in the market.

Customizable Cannabis Packaging Solutions

We understand the importance of branding and customization in the cannabis industry. That’s why all our packaging products, including Mylar barrier bags, are fully customizable to suit your branding needs. Whether you’re looking to add your logo, design, or specific messaging, we can help you create packaging that reflects your unique brand identity and attracts customers. Get in touch with us today for a free customization quote!