Marijuana Concentrate Paper

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Looking for Parchment Paper for Marijuana Concentrate? Green Rush Packaging has got it covered.

This vegetable based parchment paper is the perfect solution for cannabis concentrate storage and packaging. They come in two distinct sizes – squares or large rectangles – perfect for packaging extracts. Purchasing pre-cut parchment in bulk is ideal for any brand looking to maximize their budget. Our silicone parchment paper has a double sided non-stick coating which helps when preserving sticky or viscous items. 

With clean design lines and a small footprint, this line of parchment paper products focuses on what is simple, what is functional, and what is effective – making sure to secure your beautiful contents in a package that protects and gives visibility. The key is wrapping in a high heat and versatile silicone skin to protect from the elements outside or all of the life’s little errands.

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