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Pre-Cut Silicone Parchment Paper – Small



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Product Overview

Looking for convenient and reliable cannabis concentrate packaging solutions? Our small pre-cut parchment squares with silicone coating are designed to meet your needs. These parchment squares are perfect for storing, packaging, and selling concentrates, offering a practical and efficient solution for high-volume operations.

Recommended Uses

Our pre-cut parchment squares are ideal for:

  • Storing cannabis concentrates
  • Packaging concentrates for distribution
  • Sale of concentrates in a professional and secure manner

Compliance Information

Rest assured that our vegetable-based double-sided silicone parchment paper meets industry standards for quality and safety. The silicone coating is 0.05mm thick, pH balanced, and food-grade, ensuring that your concentrates are stored and packaged with care.

With a heat transfer rating of approximately 500 Degrees F, our parchment squares provide reliable performance under various conditions.

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Also Known As

  • Parchment Squares
  • Concentrate Paper
  • Silicone Coated Parchment

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Small (4" x 4")

Case Size

1000, 2000

Regular Unit Cost

$0.01 (Small), $0.08 (Large)

Product Dimensions

16" x 24" (Large), 4" x 4" (Small)


Clear White


Silicone Treated Parchment Paper (Double-Sided)


Concentrate Packaging, Concentrate Storage



Child Resistant


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