Vape Packaging

Upgrade Your Vape Experience with Premium Vape Cartridge Packaging Options for Vape Storage, Transport & Display

From the production line to the customer’s hands, Green Rush has your vape cartridge packaging needs covered. Our versatile cannabis packaging solutions are ideal for securely storing, transporting and displaying your vape products while meeting all compliance standards.

Unrivaled Vape Protection & Compliance

Wherever your vape cartridges need to go, we’ve got you covered with premium child-resistant containers engineered to preserve your vape oils’ freshness, potency and integrity while meeting the strictest compliance standards.

Customized Vape Packaging

Make your vape products distinctly yours with customized branding and label options. Our designers work with you to create eye-catching vape packaging that pops on shelves and resonates with your customers. Discover the possibilities now!