Pressure Sensitive Seal

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Guard Your Goods: Pressure Sensitive Seals for Tamper-Evident Security from Green Rush Packaging

We offer premium pressure sensitive seals to strengthen your product packaging with an extra layer of security and freshness protection. Our pressure sensitive seals are compatible with our child-resistant jars for a tamper-evident solution that meets all industry packaging compliance standards.

Please note: Seals are not compatible with non CR jars.

Protect Your Products Proactively

Ensure product integrity with our pressure sensitive seals. Available in 100-pack for smaller operations or startups, and 1,000-pack for high-volume needs, these seals offer tamper protection and freshness assurance for your child-resistant jars:

Pressure Sensitive Seal – 100 Pack
For smaller operations or those just getting started, our 100-pack of 50mm pressure sensitive seals printed with “Sealed for Your Protection” is the perfect choice. This affordable volume allows you to try our seals with low commitment.

Pressure Sensitive Seal – 1,000 Pack
Need pressure sensitive seals in bulk? Our 1,000 pack provides a larger supply for high-volume packaging operations with the same premium quality as our smaller packs.

Essential Tamper-Evident Protection

Also known as safety seals or security seals, pressure sensitive seals are vital components of tamper-evident packaging. They enable airtight sealing with a removable adhesive closure, leaving unmistakable evidence if tampered with, guaranteeing product integrity until opened by the customer.

Invest in Compliant Packaging Solutions

Build brand visibility and recognition by investing in our compliant packaging solutions. Request a custom quote today to secure your products and foster brand trust. Our design team collaborates with you to create customized branding and label options that make your products stand out on shelves and resonate with your customers.