13 Dram Opaque Aqua Child Resistant Pop-Top Bottles


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Blue child-resistant marijuana packaging container from Green Rush Packaging.White child-resistant cannabis packaging container with a tamper-evident seal.Clear plastic cannabis packaging from Green Rush Packaging.Silver child-resistant cannabis container for safe marijuana packaging by Green Rush Packaging.Green child-resistant cannabis packaging container from Green Rush Packaging.Green child-resistant pop top vial for cannabis/medical marijuana packaging.Child-resistant smoky grey plastic container for cannabis products by Green Rush Packaging.Gold child-resistant cannabis container from Green Rush Packaging for safe marijuana storageBlack child-resistant cannabis packaging jar with secure snap lid, perfect for marijuana storage.
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Product Overview

Discover our 13 Dram Opaque Aqua Child Resistant Pop Top Bottles, perfect for showcasing, storing, and selling up to two grams of premium cannabis flower. Featuring a certified child-resistant hinged lid for safety, these bottles provide ample space for required labeling and branding, ensuring clear product recognition. Designed to maintain freshness, preserve potency, and withstand rough handling, our pop top bottles are a reliable choice for packaging your products.

Recommended Applications

Our 13 Dram Pop Top Bottles are ideal for:

  • Dispensaries
  • Cultivators
  • Growers
  • Packers

Compliance Details

These child-resistant pop top bottles meet all necessary compliance standards, providing peace of mind for businesses operating in the cannabis industry. The secure hinged lid ensures that your products are safely stored and transported in accordance with regulations.

Customization Choices

Enhance your brand identity by customizing your packaging. Explore our customizable bottle options to create a unique and memorable packaging solution tailored to your brand.

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Also Known As

  • Pop Top Bottles
  • Child Resistant Bottles
  • Aqua Pop Tops
  • 13 Dram Containers

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Case Size


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Product Dimensions

1.26" x 2.75"


1 – 2 Grams


Opaque Polypropylene Child Resistant Pop Top Bottle


Flower Packaging, Edible Packaging



Child Resistant




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