A Guide to Cannabis Jar Sizes

Clear cannabis jar with black lid from Green Rush Packaging

The best way to get maximum benefit from cannabis products is to keep them fresh. When stored properly, they retain their properties and give you the best flavor and smoother smoking experience. According to industry experts, one of the best ways to store weed is glass jar cannabis. 

It keeps weed fresh, and free from humidity and increases its shelf life up to 18 months. You must understand the ideal glass cannabis jar to use. Each strain weighs differently and takes up different spaces in similar jars. Before you select a glass jar to store weed, consider these points. 

Types of cannabis jars available

Jars cannabis come in all types of sizes, and shapes. Choosing your ideal jar relies on your taste. For instance, if you love pre-rolls, buying glass pre-roll jars will be your ideal solution. You can buy glass jars for holding 9 g or larger ones holding up to 18 ounces of weed. Here are different types of glass jars for storing weed. 

Cannabis jars

Weed jars are built to keep weed safe from air, light, and vapor. These are the main external factors that lower the quality of your weed. The most common cannabis jars are the Straight Sided Clear Glass Jars. Many people prefer them because they are clear, allowing you to view the content inside and keep an eye on its freshness with ease. Other types of glass cannabis jar that you can buy include HiLine Straight Sided Matte Black Glass Jar and Straight Sided Glossy White Glass Jar

Cannabis jars with caps

A glass jar cannabis with a cap offers extra protection to your weed.  The cap adds an extra layer of protection keeping your weed airtight. It helps keep weed fresh and contains its odor within. Examples of glass jar cannabis with caps are – Qube Clear Glass Concentrate Jars with white or black caps and Glass Jar with Wooden Lids

There are more customizable choices that you can choose to fit your unique taste. The most popular jars cannabis sizes are:-

  • 1 oz. cannabis jars. Can store up to 1 g of weed. 
  • 2 oz. jars for marijuana. Perfect for storing both weed flower and concentrate. They are popular in weed dispensaries. 
  • 3 oz. cannabis jars. Popular for displaying different cannabis strains in dispensaries. They can hold 3 to 4 g of weed making them perfect for creating a beautiful display in dispensaries. 
  • 4 oz. jars for weed. For storing 5 to 6 g of weed and excellent for storing 1/8 up to ¼ of cannabis. 
  • 5 oz. marijuana jars. Best for displaying are dispensary shelves and showrooms. They’re specious holding 6 to 7 g of weed. 
  • 6 oz. jars for cannabis. Ideal for storing large amounts of weed in dispensaries. They store up to 10 g of weed.  

How to choose the perfect weed jar for your buds

It is important to choose the right glass cannabis jar for your buds. When choosing glass jars, the most important thing to consider is the quantity you want to store and time. If you consume just a small amount of weed once in a while, the small jar also known as X-small can be perfect for you. 

If your consumption is about ¼ to ½ every few weeks, the medium or Large 420 jar can be ideal for you. If you want to store larger quantities of weed, the Large Wide Mouth, the XL UV, or the Latch Top jar will be ideal for you. For frequent users, the gallon jars or glass apothecary jars will be ideal for you. 

Choosing the perfect cannabis jar based on size

If you want to store weed for longer, you need to consider the airspace inside the cannabis glass jar. After every use, you will leave more airspace inside. Your best solution is to choose several sizes of glass jars to keep your weed airtight. If you want to store weed for a longer time, a Boveda Humidifier pack can help keep the moisture regulated to keep cannabis fresh for longer. 

Choosing glass jars based on storage conditions

You could be storing weed in a place frequented by people. You may decide to conceal your products or let everyone see them. If you want to conceal, a UV or Amber Screw Top Jar will be excellent for you. If you don’t mind everyone seeing your products, the Pop Top OR Wide Mouth Jar will be perfect for you. 

Choosing glass jar cannabis based on design

When you have chosen your perfect size and storage conditions, you can choose your ideal design from a list of 24 designs. You have a choice of customizable jars for branding, different colors, or transparent glass jars. For every type you choose, you get a lifetime jar replacement guarantee. For instance, if your jar breaks after purchasing online, you just need to send a photo and get a new one. 

How much cannabis fits in a jar?

When buying a glass cannabis jar, consider the amount of weed that you want to fit in the jar. How much space you need is determined by your product density and moisture level. Each weed strain yields different densities. A denser product requires less space while a lighter product requires more space. 

Here is a recommended list based on the amount of cannabis you are storing. 

  • 1 gram cannabis – 2 oz. jar or 13 Dram Pop Top
  • 4 g to 7 g – 5 oz. jar or 30 Dram Pop Top
  • 10 g – 6 to 8 oz. jar or 60 Dram Pop Top
  • 15 g – 10 oz. jar or 90 Dram Pop Top. 

The recommended humidity in weed should be 59% to 63%. When it’s more, it attracts mold and when it’s lesser, your cannabis will dry out. Humidity packs help maintain the right humidity level in weed products. 

The Boveda Packs provide a humid condition within the cannabis storage to keep moisture at the right levels. They are available in any size that fits your storage solution. When properly stored, dried weed flowers can stay fresh for up to 12 months. Well-preserved weed oils can stay fresh for over 1 year while edibles stay fresh for up to 7 days.

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