Child Resistant Pop Top Bottles and Squeeze Top Containers

Discover Secure Solutions & Competitive Prices: Depend on Green Rush for Pop Top Packaging

Looking for reliable and compliant child-resistant pop top bottles for your cannabis products? Our extensive selection of classic pop top bottles offer both opaque and translucent options to cater to your specific preferences. Designed to store and display up to 14 grams of cannabis flower, edibles, or concentrates, our pop top bottle packaging ensures freshness, potency, and protection from rough handling. Available sizes include:

Benefits of Using Pop Top Bottles for Cannabis Packaging

By choosing Green Rush Packaging’s pop top bottles, you can streamline your packaging process while maintaining product integrity. These containers are ideal for growers and packers looking for efficient and secure packaging solutions. The airtight seal of our pop top bottles helps preserve the freshness and potency of your cannabis products, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Our pop top containers feature a certified compliant child-resistant hinged lid, meeting industry standards for safety and security. The elongated sides of the bottles provide ample space for standard labeling.

Customize Your Cannabis Packaging with Your Distinct Branding

At Green Rush Packaging, we are committed to providing the best marijuana flower packaging, concentrate packaging, and edible packaging at competitive prices. Our customizable pop top containers offer a versatile solution for your packaging needs. Request a free customization quote and increase your brand presence within the cannabis industry!