Cannabis Exit Packaging and Non-Woven Bags

Colorful non-woven bags for marijuana packaging from Green Rush Packaging.

Exit packaging is very important in the cannabis business for various reasons. If you are running a dispensary, having the right packaging bags should be at the top of your priority list. There have been designs that are customized for the cannabis industry and are available for dispensaries nationwide. Sourcing and using the best ones is paramount for a good customer experience. Here is more on cannabis exit packaging and the use of non-woven bags to package weed and edibles.

Why use non-woven bags?

Non-woven bags have become the industry standard in cannabis walk-in purchases and even online order deliveries. Using non-woven bags has considerably grown in popularity, and if you’re wondering why you should also use this packaging. Here are a few reasons:

  • Non-woven bags are a discreet type of packaging allowing users to buy weed or edibles with peace of mind
  • These bags can easily be customized with branding details
  • Non-woven bags are very affordable and thus can even be given away for free depending on product pricing

There are many other reasons why using non-woven bags is the future for selling cannabis products. The main takeaways regarding using non-woven bags are affordability, customizability, and user-friendliness. Being discreet about the contents of the bag is user-friendly and contributes to a better customer journey. These are the main reasons why using non-woven bags for cannabis products is a great option.

Benefits of using this type of packaging

In addition to these reasons why you should switch to using non woven bags for packaging cannabis products, the non-woven bag packaging niche has been penetrated by a significant number of manufacturing companies. All these companies have aimed to improve the quality of these packaging products, and as years went by, high-quality but affordable bags have been developed. 

Therefore, the additional benefits of using this type of packaging include an elegant and high-quality packaging solution. When users receive their product, the type of packaging you have used can be the reason they call again. Additionally, high-quality non-woven bags can be reused for daily shopping, which is a great benefit to consumers. Using this type of packaging has a lot of benefits to consumers, and in turn, that goes a long way to customer satisfaction.

Is there any child-resistant packaging?

If you wonder whether there are any child-resistant packaging solutions for the cannabis industry, there are highly functional exit bags. This type of packaging protects children from accessing the contents of the bag. The child-resistant packaging uses a trademarked brand name known as Grip ‘N Pull. The packaging solution has been proven effective and is being marketed as GRIP ‘N PULL Child Resistant Exit Bags available at packaging distributors. 

Using child-resistant packaging can help draw customers that have children since this solution prioritizes their safety. At the same time, it still puts the consumer’s needs first without endangering the welfare and safety of children. Using this solution, more customers can feel at ease with buying cannabis products from your dispensary since it goes the extra mile to ensure child safety.

Characteristics of a Grip ‘N Pull exit bag

The Grip ‘N Pull exit bag contraption uses some innovative yet simplistic locking mechanism to make it a bit more complex to open the packaging up. A Grip ‘N Pull exit bag is also fortunately resealable, so even after breaking the seal for the first time, it can still be used. Even once the seal has been broken for the first time, this bag can still serve its purpose for keeping cannabis products safe from children. 

This packaging system meets child safety compliance regulations nationwide, making it the best child-resistant packaging solution in the market. Not to mention that the packaging itself looks discreet and does not give away the contents of what is stored inside. Also, since it reseals, the cannabis products are kept fresh for longer.

Customizing these bags 

Many brands decide to customize their packaging solutions which include non-woven bags and exit bags. There are various options to choose from when you customize exit bags and non-woven bag packaging solutions. You can either add a short quote or message or label the bag using any words of your choice. Alternatively, you can brand the bags for marketing purposes, especially on non-woven bags. 

Since these are reusable, one of your customers may go out shopping with a non-woven bag. Subsequently, you might get more traffic from curious potential customers that can then be qualified as leads. You can be as creative as you want when customizing non-woven and child-resistant exit bags. Customizing the packaging is also generally quite affordable and shouldn’t put a dent in your budget.

Benefits for customizing cannabis packaging

Whether or not you choose to include branding, having some customized text or icons on the bags can contribute to a good customer journey. Branding the packaging can contribute to great results, such as more traffic on your website for those who saw non-woven bags and grew interested. The benefits of customizing cannabis packaging are plenty, but these are the most notable ones.

Final thoughts

Running a cannabis dispensary takes a little more than just knowing the strains, and it also entails knowing how to package them. Quality packaging can boost your brand’s appearance, and customized packaging can generate more leads. Also, customizing the packaging makes the brand stand out from competing dispensaries. Although it may cost a little bit more, when customized and branded effectively, this investment can pay off in the long run.

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