The Benefits of Glass Jars for Packaging Cannabis

Glass jars filled with different strains of cannabis buds at Green Rush Packaging.

Glass is smell-proof and airtight which makes it the perfect way to pack cannabis. It helps to preserve the potency of flower and prevents buds from drying up and losing their flavor or becoming moldy. It allows edibles to be displayed visually while protecting them. Many concentrates are also stored in glass jars.

Dispensaries, growers and consumers use glass jars for curing or preserving cannabis. For a craft-scale, top-shelf look and feel, glass can truly elevate a brand. Glass not only looks good but also has the benefit of being able to be recycled or repurposed.

Cannabis Glass jars protect products

The quality and durability of glass jars makes them great for storing edibles like gummies, flower or concentrates. Glass jars protect the products from moisture and oxygen which can make them moldy or cause them to dry out. Humidity control is essential to keep mildew and mold away from cannabis.

Child-resistant glass jars not only have airtight seals to keep products fresh, contain odors and keep contaminants away from products but they keep children out too. The high chemical resistance levels add to the protective qualities of the glass.

Plastic often has a static charge that can pull trichomes from bud and onto the plastic. Glass has a neutral electric charge and will keep trichomes that contain powerful cannabinoids intact.

Clear Cannabis glass jars showcase products

Clear glass jar packaging works well because it showcases the qualities of the flower, edibles or concentrates. Using a clear glass jar for flower means that the nugs can keep their shape and consumers can see the bud structure before they make a purchase.

Who doesn’t appreciate peaking inside a glass jar to appreciate the beauty of the herb stored inside it? It is important to store clear glass containers in a cool, dark place because cannabis loses its potency when exposed to oxygen, heat and light.

Black Cannabis glass jars block out UV rays

Black jars may not offer the opportunity to see the product inside but they provide a way to discreetly store cannabis. It is best to keep cannabis away from harmful UV rays that can damage it and black jars offer this option.

A 1970s study at London University found that light was one of the main reasons why cannabinoids degraded over time. Storing cannabis for any length of time requires keeping it in a dark, sealed container at room temperature.

Cannabis Glass jars come in many sizes and shapes

The size of a glass jar matters due to the fact that oxidation can make cannabis age faster. Glass jars come in many different sizes and storing a small amount in a large jar means more oxygen enters when you open the jar. A 2oz glass jar is perfect for storing up to 2.5 grams of product and it is possible to store up to 7 grams or half an ounce of product in a 5oz jar. A petite jar is discreet and easy to slip into a bag or pocket.

Glass tube-shaped jars make good containers for edibles because it is possible to beautifully present the edibles inside and seal the jar with a shrink band to ensure product integrity for the user.

Cannabis Glass jars make good concentrate containers

Some glass jars are made of borosilicate which is laboratory grade glass. Jars made from borosilicate are perfect for storing concentrates. Concentrates usually appeal to more experienced cannabis users because the effects are more intense. They can take a flame to a borosilicate glass jar to liquefy the contents without having to worry about breakage.

Glass containers are best for saucy consistencies like budder or live resin sauce that are easy to scoop out of small glass jars. Concentrates intended for use in foods or beverages are often packaged in small glass bottles with a dropper top.

Cannabis Glass jars offer a premium look

Glass jars offer great custom branding opportunities, including custom lids, labels, wraps, and printed designs. Some brands even use etched jars. Want to add a logo to a glass jar? No problem. A sleek, black glass jar with a contrasting logo can make a real statement.

Simply imprinting the cap can give a glass jar a high-end professional look. High-quality custom cannabis glass jars may come in ultraviolet glass to protect herbs from UV rays and have a wide array of child-resistant lids.

Cleaning Cannabis glass jars is easy

Over time, plant resin and shake can build up and stick to jars. If it is left in a jar for long enough, it will grow mold which can exacerbate conditions such as allergies or asthma and add to lung and bronchial irritations. Cleaning glass jars is straightforward and does not require any special ingredients or equipment.

Isopropyl alcohol (ISO) is often used in detergents and is very affordable. Pour a small amount of the ISO into the jar, put the lid back on and shake it. If the jar is still sticky, adding some rock salt can help to give some scrubbing power.

Repeat the process and then rinse the jar thoroughly and allow it to dry. Glass jars are also dishwasher safe and using the ‘sanitizer’ setting will help to kill any germs and bacteria. If you notice some sticky build-up, give these cleaning methods a try to help keep your cannabis fresh and potent for longer.

A final word

Cannabis packaging can make the difference when it comes to preserving its freshness, taste and aroma. Glass jars offer a great option for preventing cannabis from degrading due to their airtight quality that keeps out moisture and air. They also offer consumers the option of seeing what’s inside which is important for products that need to stand out on a dispensary shelf. They are also durable, customizable and can be recycled or repurposed. Glass jars provide a high-end look that will last long after the product is consumed.

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