Maximize Sales Through Expert Merchandise Display

A dispensary will gain return customers with the right merchandising and display strategies. Customers like a pleasing aesthetic. If a store is attractive to them, they are likely to return. A cannabis dispensary is no different.

A professional, streamlined appearance in the dispensary makes people feel comfortable and satisfied with their shopping experience.

A poorly-arranged dispensary cannot expect to compete and earn customer loyalty. All the products and accessories in the world won’t attract customers to your dispensary if it’s dim and dusty.

Products displayed on steel shelves or standing on the floor are unlikely to impress potential customers.

It’s likely that there are some improvements you can make to get your dispensary looking more attractive.

Here are some tips to help you create an attractive appearance for your dispensary:

1. Choose your look

A store that has an attractive appearance has a particular style. There are plenty of styles to choose from. It comes down the preference of the dispensary owner or manager. If you’re not sure, it might be time to consult a professional.

It might cost you extra, but the right look can pay rich dividends. You’ll recoup your costs quickly.

Decide if you are going for a modern look or something more vintage. This will help you to make the right decision when choosing the elements for your display.

Your choices include wood, steel, granite, marble, and glass. Using a combination such as wood and glass is possible.

However, one of them should be dominant, like the wood. Once you’ve made your style decision, stick to it. Combining too many elements makes your dispensary look disorganized.

2. Move up and down

Choose display cabinets or shelves that allow you to arrange your products at different levels. Making use of different levels helps products stand out. When all your products are displayed at the same level, they get lost in the mix.

Stores that have large shelves and tables at the same height make their customers do the hard work searching out what they want.

Display shelves at different heights can keep products separated and easy to spot. This gives the customer more pleasant shopping experience.

Don’t go overboard with vertical arrangements. When shelves are too high or too low, the products on them will be missed. The good idea is to have cabinets at the bottom of your units where you can store extra stock.

Don’t have displays that reach all the way to the ceiling. No one will see the products on the top shelf, and they’ll be different to achieve.

3. Create a balance throughout the dispensary

Having all your display units on one wall of the dispensary creates an unbalanced look. It also forces all your customers to crowd into one area to get the product they need.

A far better idea is to spread your display units evenly around the store and in the center if your dispensary is big enough.

Display units should not be crowded. Clutter gives an overall impression of disorganization. Keep the clutter to a minimum and display items, so they are neatly arranged.

Once you’ve installed your balanced display units, make sure you display your merchandise in a balanced way.

4. Section your store off

Have demarcated areas for different products. Put all your topical application products in one area. Reserve another area for vape pens and cartridges.

All your tinctures should be in one area. It helps the customer get to the right section of the dispensary with ease.

There are times where you may choose to make a slight change to this approach. For example, if you start selling a new range of products, create a specialized display.

It gives customers entering the dispensary an idea of what products there are in the new field. Once you’re finished with this marketing strategy, put the products back into their respective sections.

5. Use color to your advantage

Depending on the style you opted for when choosing display units, it’s time to look at color schemes. Have the walls painted or tiled in a color that complements the unit. Your flooring choice should be made on the same premise.

Splashes of color are attractive to customers. One way you can vary the look of your store is to have décor of different colors. A lot of stores keep décor for various holidays in their storerooms. When the holiday approaches, they decorate the store.

This makes the store look welcoming and enticing. Banners and décor related to occasions such as Pride Month or Mental Health Awareness Month are also useful.

Add another element of color with digital media displays with relevant content that is colorful and appealing to the eye.

6. Recycling and reusing items to make your display

Instead of looking at buying new display units, think resourcefully. You can repurpose old items to create unique display shelves or cabinets. A lot of dispensaries have turned to logs, oak barrels, and other antiques into new display units that are eye-catching.

Shop around with a creative eye before turning to conventional cabinets. An innovative approach may not only cost you less, but it will also make your dispensary stand out from the competition.

7. Make shopping in your dispensary a sensory experience

Think about customers in a clothing store. They don’t look at the products with their eyes. They ‘look’ with their hands as well. Shopping for clothes is a tactile experience.

Shopping at a dispensary is no different. Customers don’t want to look at products that are locking cabinets. They want to pick them up and read the label. They might want to open them to smell them.

Its unlikely you want your customers opening all the stock on your shelves. Solve this problem by having samples that are within easy reach. Ointments are the ideal products to sell using in-store samples.

8. Never forget that first impressions count

You have a maximum of three seconds to make an impression on a customer when they enter our dispensary. Making the most of this short time is essential. The right merchandising and display choices can create a favorable impression.

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