Growing Cannabis Indoors with Natural Light

Depending on where you stay, you might not have the right environment to grow a cannabis plant. However, you don’t have to grow it outdoors at all. Growing cannabis indoors has been a common practice for many years and the development of growing techniques have also made great inroads in the efficacy of indoor growing.

Whether you’re growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, proper storage is crucial. Green Rush Packaging offers a variety of quality containers for storing your harvested cannabis to help preserve freshness and potency.

However, when you can grow with natural sunlight, you should look for a spot that optimizes light exposure. Nothing beats the pure light that mother nature provides, however, you might not stay in an area where your climate is conducive to growing cannabis.

Growing el naturel

There is no denying that natural sunlight for your plant is better than any amount of manmade light. There is nothing that we can replicate that will quite get to the real thing. Cannabis grows particularly well when it gets plenty of sunlight, anything between 10 and 12 hours is what your sunbathing cannabis needs.

The light from the sun is already full spectrum and has everything your plant would want. It provides the plants with both UVA and UVB rays. Seeing that cannabis needs so much sun, you will potentially need to use a lot of electricity if you want to replicate those conditions. Sunlight is 100% free, which is probably the biggest reason to try and grow outdoors.

Summer is weed’s best time for growing seeing that the sun is high in the sky for much longer. In the Northern hemisphere, the sun sits in the southern half.

When you do plant outdoors, you should choose a south-facing area. This will ensure that you don’t get pestered with shade. When space is not readily available, growing in tiers is a good way to maximize your space.

Once harvested, you’ll need appropriate packaging. Green Rush Packaging carries a range of popular cannabis product packaging options, from small containers for personal use to larger packaging solutions for bigger harvests.

Challenges with growing in natural light

You could have all the space in the world but if the conditions don’t favor growing outside, you’re outta luck. You can’t control the elements and when it is too cloudy where you stay, you will never grow amazing cannabis plants. They need plenty of sunshine and cloudy weather is not going to cut it.

However, a decent amount of sun is the least of your problems. Outside in the wild, you have to contend with mother nature and she has more than a couple of tricks up her sleeve to spoil your plans of a good harvest.

You have to contend with rain, hail, drought, and sometimes even hectic winds. Any of these conditions is less than ideal for your plant. However, you also need to think about the other consumers of your weed.

Yup, the outside is insect and animal turf and they like weed just as much as humans do. These plants are extremely vulnerable to insects and animals like deer and other buck have been known to destroy entire crops.

Some insects and larvae can cause so much damage to the flowers that they become near useless. Taking all of the risks involved, it is no wonder that so many people opt for growing their weed indoors. Regardless of where you grow, protecting your harvest with proper packaging is essential. Green Rush Packaging offers child-resistant and smell-proof packaging to keep your cannabis safe and fresh.

But if you don’t have a basement that you can revamp into a grow room, where can you grow?

On the inside

You might not have known or thought of all the spaces available to you, but it all depends on what you want to achieve by growing your weed. If you are growing for personal use alone, you need a very small space, but if you want to go a bit bigger, a greenhouse is a good option.


I wonder if the original inventor had this use for a greenhouse in mind? Nevertheless, they provide you with the best of both worlds. While you reap the benefits of the natural sun, you don’t have to contend with the rest of mother nature.

You don’t have to worry about the elements and when you need to supplement your plants with a bit of light on those cloudy weeks, you can switch on your full spectrum lights.

You can control every aspect of growing your cannabis in a greenhouse. Once your plants are ready for harvest, consider using Green Rush Packaging’s glass jars to preserve the quality and aroma of your cannabis.

From the humidity to the amount of water that your plants get. If you want to simulate nighttime conditions, you can even get blackout tarps.

Other spaces

If you don’t have a greenhouse or the space to erect one, you can always go a bit smaller and make a sunroom in your home. The trick is to find a space where you can provide your plant with as much unobstructed light as possible.

The south-facing windows are your best bet, and if you want, you could always install bigger windows. It might cost you a bit of money, but not nearly as much a full-sized greenhouse.

Your other option is to use a courtyard. These spaces are generally protected from most of the elements. You won’t have to worry about the wind tearing your plants to pieces and you could always put up temporary shade netting if you are afraid of hail.

Courtyards are also a lot more discreet and don’t stand out as much. Your cannabis plants could easily blend in with the rest of the plants in your courtyard.

Another indoor solution is a patio with a translucent roof. This would be like a hybrid greenhouse. You would be able to protect your plants from the elements, but you won’t necessarily be able to control the climate as with a greenhouse. One other advantage is that these patios usually have brick floors which makes cleaning a breeze.

The last space where you could go wild is in bay windows and windowsills. For small-scale personal grows, Green Rush Packaging offers compact, airtight containers perfect for storing small quantities of cannabis.

Although these areas are generally smaller, you would have more than enough space to grow your weed for personal use. You won’t necessarily run a distribution center form your home, but you will always have enough to cater for your needs.

Finally, your attic could finally have a use other than being a storage space for your junk. Now you can convert the space into a grow room with minimal effort.

No matter where or how you choose to grow your cannabis, proper packaging is crucial for maintaining its quality post-harvest. Green Rush Packaging offers a wide range of solutions to meet your needs, from small personal containers to larger packaging options.

Explore our selection of premium cannabis product packaging for your homegrown cannabis today!

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