Marijuana Barrier Mylar Bags

Resealable mylar bag for marijuana packaging by Green Rush Packaging.

Marijuana Mylar bags offer you a perfect option for packaging and storing cannabis products. They prevent moisture and pests including UV rays from damaging your herb. They are excellent for storing weed both long-term and short-term. The bags work by limiting the oxygen transmission rate through their thick foil laminate. 


They protect weed odor while preserving its freshness. Based on various storage conditions, Mylar bags can keep weed fresh for up to six months. The sealing style that you choose for your bags matters a lot. The commonest sealing methods include heat sealing, iron and parchment, and the use of resealable marijuana Mylar bags. 


How long is marijuana good in Mylar bags?


If you fail to store marijuana properly, your buds could degrade fast. They lose freshness including potency. Although they might look tiny, marijuana Mylar bags are highly resilient. They don’t allow oxygen to flow inside once they get sealed. Due to this, they keep your herb dry and fresh for many days. 


Marijuana Mylar bags are made using a thin film of polyester. Manufacturers stretch polyethylene terephthalate to create the thin film. Due to this, the bags are strong and offer higher storage value than most air-tight containers. They offer higher stability combined with reflectivity and transparency.  These properties are critical when you think about keeping your herb fresh for many months. Different factors affect the ability of Mylar bags to keep your products fresh. They include the following.


  • The quality of the Marijuana Mylar bag you choose. Higher-quality bags offer greater resilience. They keep your products fresh for more months.
  • The rate of humidity in your location. If you live in an area with higher humidity levels, your herb’s quality can degrade at a faster rate. 
  • Exposure to moisture. Weed products that are exposed to moisture more often degrade fast. 
  • The sealing style you choose. Some sealing options offer your marijuana Mylar bags greater ability to resist oxygen and moisture keeping your products fresh. 


Generally, marijuana Mylar bags are built to provide a strong barrier against air, light, and humidity. These are the key factors that determine the freshness of your product and its shelf life. If the bag allows more light, air, or moisture inside, your products stay fresh for shorter periods. If the bag has a higher quality, your bag keeps your products fresh for more months. 


If you want your products to stay fresh for more days, you have to observe optimal storage conditions. When properly stored, Mylar bags can keep your products fresh for about 6 months and up to 1 year. Although the bags offer you long-term storage benefits, you need to note that weed begins to lose its potency as time progresses. Even when stored in perfect conditions, a combination of factors could still affect its quality and degradation rate. So, the best way out is to consume your products soon after buying them from the store or dispensary. This ensures you get the best experience. 


How to seal Mylar bags for marijuana? 

Heat sealing

Heat sealing equipment provides elements for heating and cooling. When combined, they create a strong and durable professionally-looking bag. Heat-sealed bags are excellent for storing buds and seeds. They create a tight barrier against elements that could destroy your herb products. Heat sealing is quick and highly effective for protecting marijuana. There are many types of heat sealers you may choose in the market. However, you need to buy a sealer uniquely designed for sealing Mylar bags. 

Iron and parchment paper

You might lack heat-sealing equipment to seal your Mylar bags. In this case, you may choose to use iron and parchment paper. All that you need is a clothes iron to get the work done. Since iron will destroy the paper when it comes directly into contact with it, you need a parchment paper. The paper contains non-sticky properties. It is resistant to grease and humidity. It is usually translucent and efficient when sealing your Mylar bags. This option could be tiresome when you are sealing a large quantity of bags. It is best recommended for home use when sealing just a few bag quantities. 


Resealable Mylar bags

One of the highly used options is the resealable Mylar bags option. These types of bags offer ready-to-use properties. Manufacturers make them with built-in zippers with a resealable mechanism. All that you need to do is fill in your bag and then press the zipper. Once it seals the products inside, it shuts off air and other factors that harm your herb. 

This option offers you one of the fastest ways to seal weed in Mylar bags. The option offers greater convenience to users. Once you open the bag, you can easily press the zipper to reseal your herb once more. If you want to preserve the freshness of your products, ensure the content is dry before storing them in the bag. It should achieve the right content value as guided by the FDA. The organization recommends a moisture value ranging from 6% to 15%. 

Higher moisture can cause the building of mold, fungus, mildew, or other forms of contamination. After sealing the bag, store it in a cool environment. Room temperature ensures you preserve bud condition and potency. Another important issue to consider is the amount of light in your room. Choose a darker place because too much light damages the quality of your products. You also need to mark the strain name of your herb. Label the storage date and keep your products out of children’s reach. Marking the date helps you know when the products will expire. 

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