4 Apps To Boost Your Cannabusiness

We live in a very different world than what a generation ago lived in. When they grew up, there was no such thing as cell phones or even the idea that you could walk around with a phone in your pocket, never mind surf the internet on that same phone.

When they grew up, cannabis was illegal and seen as a stepping stone drug to some more serious stuff. When they grew up, the business was listed in the yellow pages and that is how you advertised your products or services.

Today, we live in a world of apps and if you are not online, you are nowhere. So, if you are trying to get your cannabusiness off the ground, then there are a couple of apps that will make a world of difference for your business.


The cannabis trade is relatively young and there are still some naysayers around who condemn the legalization of cannabis. It depends on where you stay whether people are more receptive to cannabis or not. However, if you want to connect with like-minded individuals and build a network, then Massroots is for you.

Massroots has gained quite a following of late with over 1 million registered and active users. It is the social network for weed and anything related to weed. Therefore, it is an excellent tool to expand the cannabis trade, health and recreational sectors of cannabis and ultimately business as well. It is almost like the Facebook/LinkedIn of the weed world.

Massroots allows you to view local and international news and articles related to cannabis and share the news with your “buds” or friends. Here you can spread the word of your product and start to market to your local community.


Back in 2008 when this cannabis app started, it was a small little app with very few users. But then again, the cannabis industry was still in its infancy. However, WeedMaps has grown into a powerhouse in the cannabis world. Anyone who is anyone will know of this amazing app and when a business is trying to find its feet, it will make use of their services sooner rather than later.

In short, WeedMaps does exactly what the name suggests, it’s an app that finds out where you are and starts to find anyone and everyone around you who has something to do with weed. Upon opening the app, you are required to say where you are and then the magic begins. The app searches for dispensaries, doctors and delivery services that are the closest to you.

You can also search according to location, service, product or brand. If that is not enough, you will also be able to view deals around your area and network with various people. Lastly, if you are interested in some light viewing, they now have full-length documentary videos on their WeedMaps TV channel.


If you are not Dr. Greenthumb, but you want to start growing your own products, then you need to look no further. Growtronix is on a whole other level in terms of growing standards and techniques and automation is the name of their game.

What they offer is not a game, but a complete growing solution that has been developed upon some serious research and development. When they say that your stuff will grow, you better believe it. This is not an app that you will find on any app store; in fact, it isn’t even available on iOS or Android. Instead, you need to contact the manufacturer directly for a quote and a growing solution.

Their packages start out at $489.99 and that might seem a bit steep if you want to start your production line, but it will be money well spent. You will receive their software suite that integrates with a bunch of hardware for your grow room.

You receive controllers, a network interface as well as temperature and humidity sensors to help you create the perfect environment for your seedlings.

Their product is not a toy and is suitable for both commercial and recreational growers alike. You’ll be an expert grower in no time and you will learn exactly what is needed for your cannabis plants to thrive.


What would the weed industry be without a bit of virtual fun? simLeaf is that virtual growing app that teaches you about your favorite little plant and puts you in the shoes of a grower without having to go through the disappointment of letting your real plant die before our eyes.

If you grew up in the 90s, you would be all too aware of the Tamagotchi craze that hit the world. So many of those little virtual critters had to die a cruel neglected death during the height of the hype. simLeaf essentially works on the same principles.

You have to grow a virtual cannabis plant from scratch and you need to take care of every aspect of your plant’s growth or it will suffer the consequences.  The app is quite involved and takes everything into account when you start your new plant.

You need to monitor and control everything from the watering schedule, the soil pH, whether to use a 600W or 1000W lamp and even the nutrient regime.

Then you can also choose between a couple of weed strands to start growing your virtual harvest. The app is freely available in the iOS store, but there is also a paid version for the simulator which adds more features and strands that you can grow. The free version is already packed with goodies, but if you want to get seriously involved, you only have to fork out $1.99.

Although this is only a simulator, you will learn a lot about cannabis in the process. The creators did their homework on weed and have made a pretty accurate simulator. So if your virtual plant makes it, chances are pretty good that your physical plant will also make it if you apply the same principles.

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