4 Tips to Create Cannabis Packaging That Sells

The packaging of a product presents a unique opportunity to attract customers. All people are subconsciously intrigued by distinctive, attractive packaging. Cannabis is no different in this regard.

You can use the packaging of your product to instantly communicate a lot of information to the customer. Everything from quality, brand identity, to product purpose can be communicated by packaging.

Packaging is one area of cannabis marketing that isn’t discussed nearly enough. Take a look at these 4 tips that will help you create cannabis packaging that sells.

Luxurious Design

A luxurious cannabis packaging design will set you apart from the competition. It will instantly communicate a sense of quality and attract customers. In order to achieve this, you have to enlist the aid of professionals.

Hiring an experienced designer may seem like a big investment, but it is worth the price. Your product packaging forms the core of your identity as a brand – and it shouldn’t be changed too often, if at all.

Communicate with your designer of choice. Let them know what your story is, and what the values of your brand are. This will help them tell your story through a visual medium. A good logo will jumpstart your brand’s visual identity – you can’t put a price on that.

It’s important not to run afoul of any laws that may be in effect in your state. Cannabis packaging laws suggest that producers should stay away from colors and imagery that can be used to allure kids. This may be vague language, but it doesn’t mean the fines and penalties for failing to comply are to be taken lightly. If you have any doubts on whether your packaging violates such regulations – go back to the drawing board.

A luxurious design will make your product unique from the get-go. Take a cue from other industries – custom, decorated glass jars can be acquired for a bargain and make for memorable packaging. A small investment will turn your packaging into an experience of luxury.

Taking a hint from the artisanal coffee industry and using windowed mylar barrier bags will help you market your products much better. Mylar barrier bags are becoming the industry standard – make sure your packaging is properly sized, and that the product can be seen through the bag. A lot of shopping is still done by the eyes.

Competitor Research

Keep your ear to the ground and pay attention to what the competition is doing. Standing out is of the utmost importance. Unique packaging will help your products get noticed.

Being unique doesn’t mean that you can’t take cues from others. Research your competitors – it’s fine and even recommended to adopt certain design elements from brands that have become well established. But you can’t copy them – take inspiration from others but make it your own design – put your own twist on it.

If your competitors all have similar packaging, you can easily figure out a way to stand out in the crowd. The larger point is this – paying attention to your competition matters.

To make sure that your packaging designs are successful, make sure to perform market research. Focus groups can be invaluable in the long run. Gather samples of other’s products and review them.

Then, establish a strategy. Figure out what parts of the experience you want to emulate – from the visual appeal to the feeling of opening the product. Then, once you’ve made prototypes of your own – begin testing. The feedback you receive will be invaluable in choosing what path to take.

Compliant Labeling

Cannabis products are subject to a wide variety of rules and regulations. To stay in business and avoid legal issues, your products have to comply with these regulations.

For example, California regulations require certain font sizes, listing of net weight and volume and cannabinoid content on cannabis packaging labels. Different types of products, such as edibles, can have additional requirements. As an example, the packaging for edibles must be opaque. Check your state laws and comply with all of these requirements.

All of the information on your products should be clearly visible and easy to understand. Cannabis is listed as a pharmaceutical product, so there are a couple of added requirements.

Your cannabis packaging should be child-resistant – depending on your state, this could mean including double closure features or other safety measures. These safety features must be tested to meet the latest safety regulations in your state.

Interactive Components

One of the key features of packaging is to convey information to the customer. This information, in turn, can convince the customer to purchase a product. But the situation is a little more complex with cannabis.

The regulatory requirements for cannabis labeling present a challenge for producers. Fitting in attractive imagery, a brand identity, and other useful information isn’t an easy task. But technology can be of use here.

Using AR or augmented reality will allow you to fit a lot more information onto your label. Customers can interact with your products even in the absence of a salesperson. This is a great way to decrease downtime and make the purchasing experience smoother for your customers.

Customers tend to try different products. Cannabis is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. To ensure that your packaging sells, include detailed instructions on how to use the product in your labels. Having easy to follow instructions on the packaging will ensure that your customers enjoy your products in a safe, responsible manner.

Last but not least, you can add a lot of value to your packaging by including practical features or free accessories. Including a pipe box, quartz nail, or a small set of grinders and glass jars will instantly multiply the value of your packaging.

Accessories sell – and they will give you the reputation of a generous, consumer-oriented business. Follow these tips regarding cannabis packaging closely, and your products are bound to get noticed and stand out to shoppers.

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