5 Unique Cannabis Edibles Hitting the Market Now

We are not living in the 70’s anymore. Weed is not taboo and brownies, or the fabled space cookies, are not the only cannabis edibles that are available. Instead, people include marijuana in almost any snack imaginable. While cannabis has always been associated with the munchies, it is not really advised to go to town on these products to satisfy that craving.

The concentration of cannabis varies with each product, but all will provide a degree of the high associated with consumption of the plant. Cannabis edibles are opted for over traditional smoking methods as it provides a different kind of high. This high takes a longer time to set in, but it also takes longer to fade. Therefore, without further ado here are some edible options that are available for those who don’t want to smoke but are still keen to join the proverbial party.

  1. Soda

When a person thinks of cannabis edibles, they probably don’t think of beverages. That was until a company called Nowadays had the brilliant creating a cannabis-infused spirit. The company offers a range of THC Drinks. They have multiple options for dosing including 2mg, and 6mg beverages.

Each bottle contains 16-17 dosed sots. For a single person, one bottle could last a few weeks depending on their needs. This THC-infused drink is exclusively for recreational use, and apparently, goes down pretty well at relaxed house parties.

  1. Pretzels

Are you one of those people who skip the crisps and instead beeline straight for the pretzels at a party? Are you also in the habit of opting for cannabis over alcohol? Well, if that is the case, then there may just be the perfect product out there. This would be none other than the pretzels produced by a company called Auntie Dolores in San Francisco.

The bite-sized treats produced by this company are infused with a moderate helping of THC oil. The exact amount being 10mg of THC per pretzel. These savory snacks can be munched on throughout the day by almost anyone. They are particularly attractive to THC users who are vegan, not a fan of sweets or who are wishing to derive the medicinal benefits of cannabis edibles. These snacks are no run-of-the-mill brownies. Instead, they are gourmet products which come in an equally attractive package.

  1. Milk

Before anyone raises a premature eyebrow, this is not dairy based milk which has been infused with cannabis. It is actually hemp milk that is perfectly suitable for vegans and those who wish to avoid gluten, GMO’s and all those other additives that millennials actively avoid. This cannabis beverage is brought to you by the lovely people at Waska in Mendocino California.

Unlike the previously stated products, this drink does not sport low doses of THC. To produce the product, they use only the best quality strains of cannabis and manage to pack a whopping 300mg of THC into every 2-ounce bottle of milk. Apparently, the drink is a blessing to those who have sleep difficulties or who are in the market for a delicious tasting that delivers more bang for your buck. Who wouldn’t want a nightcap that tastes like cookies and cream?

  1. Coffee

If there is already THC infused milk and soda on the market then why not add coffee to the mix? It seems the Vancouver based company, Fairwinds, had the exact same idea. They are not necessarily front-runners in this sector, but they have made it even easier for cannabis consumers their THC with their morning cup of Joe. They have done this by producing THC infused coffee pods.

Each pod reportedly contains 10mg of THC, the perfect amount to smooth down the edge on those particularly stressful mornings. There is no need to head off and by any specialized equipment as the pods are compatible with most coffee machines. If, however, a coffee machine is not on hand then they do also offer their product in the form of coffee grounds. There is no need to fear that this THC addition will hinder the effects of the caffeine.

Users report that they experience the same burst of energy, but it is simply coupled with the characteristic relaxation that accompanies THC.

  1. Chips

When it comes to cannabis edibles, people always seem to think of sweet foods first. Granted this has more to do with habit than preference, but what about the people who will always opt for a savory snack over a sweet one. Are they simply left to consume cannabis the good old-fashioned way or has the market heard their pleas and responded appropriately? It seems the market has.

THC infused pretzels have already been mentioned but let’s turn our attention to the glorious chip. Who turns down chips? Nobody, that’s who. Now there are even chips that have a little something extra in their packaging. This being THC. There are a couple of companies that are producing these products, all offering the chips at various different dosages and in different flavors.

It really just depends where you are and what your preference is. For example, The House of Cannabis offers a packet of cannabis chips that contain 125mg of THC per packet of chips. This could be the next best thing at your next party.        

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