5 Useful Ways to Reuse Pre Roll Tubes (Besides Keeping Weed Fresh)

There are more uses for pre roll tubes and pop-top bottles than just to store your cannabis in since they’re airtight and easy to open. Also, they’re waterproof with a solid seal to keep freshness and scent inside, which makes them great for storing pre rolled cigarettes or cannabis flowers. That’s not all that can go in these nifty little tubes, though. If you find yourself with several pre roll containers left over from your last trip to the medical cannabis dispensary, don’t fret. There are many other uses for those tubes besides just storing cannabis.
Here are five creative ways to use pre roll tubes besides just keeping your cannabis fresh.

1: For storing pills and other small parts.
Let’s start with the obvious. It’s a tube, you can put tiny things in there. Say for instance if you’re in the habit of keeping aspirin on hand but you buy the economy-sized bottle of the pills, one good way to keep just enough in your purse or car would be to fill up a pre roll tube. Not that the freshness of pills matters, but the pre roll tube can keep them fresh and dry wherever you decide to stash them. That doesn’t just go for pills, either, any small little part — say if you’re working on a computer or small electronic and you need a place for all of those tiny screws. Did you once purchase something at IKEA? Then you will definitely need a pre roll tube or two if you ever want to move.

2: As a tiny first aid kit.
What do you need in a tiny first aid kit? A couple of band-aids, a pair of tweezers, some ointment, a couple cotton swabs, and an individual pack of painkillers? All of these little things can be kept inside a pre roll tube. It’s the perfect size because the tubes can be stashed literally anywhere and taken anywhere so you’re prepared for an emergency. You can make several first aid kit tubes to stash in every purse, diaper bag, travel suitcase, and car. You really never know when you might be in need of a first aid kit for a minor scrape or burn. Speaking of burns, you can make specific kits too for different problems, like a burn kit for the kitchen or a first aid kit for the beach.

3: For traveling.
Flying and traveling is always so touch and go, and you never really know how much of what you’re supposed to have to get through security. I remember the last time I flew, there was a situation with clear or opaque containers, but you’re covered when you repackage things in pre roll tubes for your carry-on bag. Not only that but if you’re a person that has a lot of medication to take with you, these pre roll containers can really be a lifesaver. The best part about using pre roll packages for traveling is because they don’t take up a lot of space in your suitcase or your purse. The airtight seal can keep things from getting dirty or sticky in your bag. Just like with the first aid kit, you can make little kits for traveling, like a mini survival kit for camping.

4: Storing jewelry or hair supplies.
You can also store jewelry and hair supplies in your extra pre roll tubes. If you are doing a day to night look or going somewhere after work and want to add on a necklace, earrings, or bracelet to your outfit, you can put it all in the tube and drop it in your bag. Short haired people will understand the bobby pin struggle, too. Whenever you need a bobby pin, they’re all at the bottom of your purse or bag, and they’re dirty, sticky somehow. Not something you want to put in your hair! Pre roll tubes can solve this problem. You can store so many nice, clean bobby pins in a pre roll tube, and then snap it safely closed. You can also store other hair supplies such as hair ties and small clips. Have a bunch of perfume samples? Preroll bottles are scent-proof too, so they can keep the scent contained so it doesn’t get all over your stuff.

5: For tobacco or spice mixes.
Last, you can always use pre roll tubes for other herbs and spices. If you roll your own cigarettes from loose tobacco, a great way to store just enough extra tobacco for rolling would be to pack a pre roll tube full of your favorite brand and then slip a couple papers in there too. You could even keep it as a pre roll tube and pack a few pre-rolled cigarettes in there to portion out your intake for the day. The pre roll tube will keep your product fresh and dry while also concealing any smell. This is probably a weird one, but if you’re a forager or you like to mix your own spices, you can keep them in a pre roll tube, too. These plastic tubes are made for storing herbs, after all!

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast with too many pre-rolled tubes laying around, these are some great creative ways to use them. You can also learn something from these recycling tips if you’re a cannabis business too. The whole point is to think about packaging your cannabis products in new ways. Sure, we call these things “pre roll tubes,” but you can package so many more different things in these tubes and give your customers a different experience.

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