6 Crucial Compliance Tips Every Cannabis Entrepreneur Should Read

The way of facing logistical problems is always the same, and every cannabis entrepreneur may apply it. However, with all the benefits of marijuana legalization, both consumers and entrepreneurs tend to ignore the negative aspects of it. And it’s no coincidence that these are mostly legal problems – particularly when we come to the subject of compliance.

These obstacles can seriously threaten your plans of running a legitimate business. There is more to being a dispensary owner than just picking out new MMJ containers and pop top bottles. Amongst the issues currently on the agenda is an often-confusing an illogical issue of compliance.

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing compliance is it being a proverbial thorn in everyone’s side. What people fail to mention is the existence of legal loopholes that can be found in those same sets of rules and regulations. Manipulating them will help you navigate your way through the cannabis industry. Let’s see how to accomplish this.

  1. Get yourself a compliance officer

It’s simply impossible not to miss something or not to mess up when you’re a beginner. And, as we all know, mistakes in the beginning stages of a cannabis business are the costliest. Licenses are hard to come by, and punishments are harsh. To avoid all the problems, hire a reputable and experienced compliance officer. What is his job exactly?

He is the person tasked to read through all the legislature, laws and regulations. In addition to this, he makes sure that all the paperwork is in order and filled before a deadline comes close. It is his duty to dedicate his time to making sure that every bit of your cannabis business is compliant. Also, you can learn a lot from your compliance officers. They will teach you about the ins and outs of the cannabis industry like no one else can.

  1. Make friends with local regulators and compliance officers

Being nice and cordial can go a long way. By going out of your way and socializing with compliance officers, you will get a lot of valuable advice on how to run a cannabis business. They can not only help you with taxes and paperwork but also with other things. We have seen numerous cases where a good compliance officer can cause a boom in revenue.

Regulators can also aid you, in case there is a problem or if you need advice. Making connections is always important, but nowhere as important as they’re in the cannabis industry. We’ve had readers in Oregon raving about a regulator advising them. This isn’t just true for laws. It can refer even to the more medial parts of the industry like custom cannabis packaging and the regulations surrounding it.

  1. It’s a non-stop task

Hiring a compliance officer isn’t just for a one-time scan of your business. Cooperation with a compliance officer is a constant one. Running a business requires constant effort and getting in touch with the changing trends in the industry. This is even truer when it comes to dealing with cannabis.

There can be new MMJ containers on the market and be knowing what’s going on may be the difference between good and great business. Laws indeed changer overnight and your officer can help you navigate them.

Maintain a good relationship with your compliance officer. Have him come over more than he should, just in case there are legal changes. Keep in mind that the state is no obligation to notify you of any legal changes. You have an obligation to know what’s going on. Ignorance is not tolerated as an excuse for not abiding by the law.

  1. Invest time in training your employees

You can be sure that every single bit of your dispensary is compliant. From the room size to the number of cannabis containers, everything can be spotless. Material records and bookkeeping are important but aren’t the only thing to focus on. There are much bigger problems than deciding which wholesale cannabis containers to choose from. Many of them are because of one factor – employees.

The people who work for you are your most important allies, but they can also be the death of your business if there is a breach in terms of compliance. This is why you should invest in your employees if you wish to run a sound business.

Simple, honest mistakes can cause your business to come tumbling down – like letting a minor into the store or even not wearing a badge or forgetting to give out a receipt. They will learn along the way, but only if you have enough patience to help them.

  1. Everything is important

When you’re running a business, the worst possible attitude you can have is not caring about the “small stuff.” Many entrepreneurs think this way, just because there are bigger issues to address. Every law is as important as the other ones. Every regulation can cause the same amount of issues if your dispensary isn’t compliant.  

From big things like having 100% child-resistant packaging and respecting marketing restrictions, to the small things like having enough parking spaces or enough space for a sidewalk – total compliance is of the utmost importance.

In fact, when we’ve talked to people in the industry, everyone says that it’s the small details that break the compliance of a store and that things like that are the death of more than 30% of all cannabis businesses. You don’t want to be a statistic.

  1. Come clean

It’s inevitable that you’re going to mess up and you can’t really prevent it, especially if you’re business is at an infant stage. However, hiding your mistakes can only make them worse. Don’t hesitate to call your compliance officer and tell them what happened.

They are humans too and are often on the same side as we are. Therefore, it’s best to come clean, consult them and learn from your mistakes. Dishonesty won’t lead you anywhere. This is why we at Green Rush Packaging invest immense amounts of time and resources into making sure our products are compliant. Being knowledgeable about the laws will teach you about what opportunities you have. Not just what you are forbidden to do.

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