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7 Tips to Ensure That the Next Event at Your Dispensary is A Success

While cannabis may be in the process of being widely legalized, this does not necessarily mean that it can be consumed in public. This has left dispensaries in quite the pickle regarding hosting marijuana-themed events.

But, if you are the proud owner of a burgeoning or even established marijuana dispensary then do not abandon all hope of hosting events.

There is always a way to throw a great party that is both enjoyable and legal. The key here is that you will need to get creative.

A successful event is one in which people enjoy themselves enough that they head out and tell people about it. Word of mouth can have a wonderful impact on a business’s profit margin.

Never forget to include music

This is a no-brainer, a party is not a party if there is no music. But, what music should you play?

People do not always have the same tastes, and it can, therefore, be quite complicated to pick music that will appeal to the majority of your guests. You have a couple of options here.

You could have a look at the local bands or DJs that are available. Hiring people like this will take the burden off you and it will up your dispensary’s contribution to the communities.

Music is important when it comes to setting the scene for any event, but at the end of the day, you do not need to panic about what music you should play. As long as you are laying tunes that are enjoyable, then you are already halfway there to having a successful event.

Have deals to offer

People love specials. They love walking away feeling like they obtained something for a better price than what they were expecting. It gives them quite the thrill when making the purchase.

At your next event, think about creating deals that are specific to the event. These could simply be specials, or they could be exciting and enticing packages.

A marijuana dispensary is in the unique position of having multiple different products that they can offer. By skillfully creating packages that boast the best that your dispensary has to offer, you will bring in more customers than you are used to.

Keep people entertained and stimulated

Events offer people a platform to socialize, but you can only socialize and partake in small talk for so long. If you are going to keep people at your event for the duration of the said event, then you are going to have to offer more than products, people and music.

By including fun activities at your events, your guests can take breaks from their spending to enjoy themselves. Once they have wound down a bit, you may find them more likely to make a purchase. They will also walk away fully satisfied with the experience as a whole.

People love food

A couple of years ago it may have been sufficient to offer people hotdogs at events, but the food revolution is upon us, and you will have to do better than that.

Do not think of this as a chore, rather think of it as an opportunity to discover new cuisines. There are so many different culinary delights out there, why not bring a couple of them to your marijuana dispensary event.

At the very least, people will thank you for it when the munchies inevitably hit. There will also be the added bonus that people will not need to leave your event if they do get hungry at some point.

Try to get some big names to attend your event

This may be easier said than done, but if you do manage to get some famous person to attend your event, then you will successfully validate the whole affair.

By their very nature, celebrities are not easy to get hold of, but luckily for you, there are so many out there as well as so many different platforms to choose from. There is no harm in extending an invite to any and every celebrity that you think would both be appropriate for your event as well as enjoy the event at your dispensary.

By securing the attendance of a famous person and then advertising it, people who were otherwise uninterested may be inclined to attend your event.

Make the event an informative one

There are a lot of novices in the marijuana consumer base. Many of them are relatively new to the plant along with all the products that are being created. An event at your dispensary would be the perfect opportunity to educate your consumers not only on the whole industry but also on all the different products that you have on offer.

If you are serious about the success of your dispensary, then you will already have at least a couple of budtenders on your payroll. These people should be asked to roll up in their finest to your event to showcase their extensive knowledge on the topic of marijuana products.

These are people that marijuana consumers trust and therefore they will be more likely to attend the event if they are offered time with a budtender that truly knows their stuff.

Do not let your guests leave empty handed

This does not necessarily mean that you have to shove every and any product into your guests’ hands before they leave the building.

You could certainly hand out a couple of samples in an attempt to entice potential customers, but you should be focusing on getting your brand out there. This means printing out t-shirts, making hats, mugs, keychains and any other product that could hold your brand and then handing them out to your guests.

This will get your name out to the general public. Free stuff is one of the biggest perks at any event, guests and customers alike will not say no to any complimentary object. If your brand is on said object, then it is a win-win situation.  

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