Announcing GRP New Website Design

Cannabis packaging products displayed on white cylinders at Green Rush Packaging.

According to a report by the US Cannabis Report 2020-2021, legal Cannabis sales increased by 67% in 2021. The total legal cannabis sales are expected to increase to $35 billion by 2025.

In preparation to meet the huge market demand, Green Rush Packaging has improved on its marijuana packaging products and designed new ones. Their website has also been upgraded to a new design to serve their clients better. Several new features have been included in the new website design.

Features in the new website design 

A visit to the new GRP website will reveal several things. The logo Green Rush Packaging is centered on the top of the landing page. The logo shows simplicity in terms of GRP’s relationship with clients and exclusive service delivery. There is a beautiful image displaying the top list of GRP packaging products.

Something else to note with the GRP New Website Design is the arrangement of the drop-down menus. The first is the new arrivals menu which displays the latest products in their catalog.

Next is their product catalog, which displays five categories of packaging products. Each main category has subcategories of products under it. For example, if you place your cursor on the products menu, it drops down and displays the five different products.

If you place the cursor on the concentrate packaging, it drops down another sub-menu which shows five products to the right side. This is easy to navigate around the pages. The custom packaging menu drops a sub-menu of the various types of customizable products you can order.

There is another menu called exclusive innovations, which displays the unique innovations done by GRP in their desire to supply unique products into the market. The contact us menu gives contact information by phone, email, live chat and messaging. Scroll down and you will find the various payment options at the bottom, GRP privacy, delivery terms, blog, your GRP account and more.

Improved Checkout

The GRP New Website Design checkout system is now better with more features and options. You need to create your GRP account to be able to make orders, request samples, follow-up on deliveries or make returns.

It’s very simple to sign up with GRP. All that you need is your email address and password. Your account has several menus including your orders, addresses, payment methods and account details. From your dashboard, you can check your orders or change your billing and shipping details.

You also have the option to select your payment method from the different payment options. The options include visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Discover. You can also connect with GRP on several social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

All the payment methods are secure. Once you make your payment, you can be able to follow-up on the progress using any of the contact information provided. All these options were not available before but now, with the improved checkout, GRP can serve you better.

Your payment method option depends on the method you feel most comfortable with. Still, whichever method you choose, you are assured of information security and your identity is not shared with anyone.


The new GRP website is now faster


Performance is no longer an obstacle with the new GRP website design. Its team of professionals has brainstormed and created a super-fast website where everything opens at the click of a button.

The new GRP New Website Design is several times faster than it was before. With a faster website, more clients can log in to the site and make payments, follow-up on orders, chat and write messages much faster and with ease.

If you had experienced the challenge of buffering or having to wait a few minutes before you open any item on the GRP site, the bad experience is something of the past now.

To navigate any of the tabs GRP website is a real experience – the new arrivals, other products, custom packaging, the blog or the contact us page. The new website design requires just a single click on the menu and the item opens fast.

The products and custom packaging is a drop-down menu and all that you need to do is place your cursor on the menu and immediately, it drops down. Once you select an item of your choice, just click one and it will open.

On the live chat menu, you get alerted if there is an agent ready to chat with you immediately you click on the live chat icon. If there is no agent available, you will be opted to leave a message and someone will get back to your once available.

If there is someone live online, the chats create another wonderful experience. Visitors who have navigated the new website recently have loved the speed and ease of navigation.


It’s Modern For A Cannabis Packaging Company


The GRP New Website Design is modern and every component of a trendy website design is included. You don’t need to have a computer or laptop to access the new GRP website. You can log in to your account from your smartphone and complete transactions without having to go to a computer.

The new GRP website has adopted a minimalist website design and every space is utilized well. The landing page contains all the information you need from contacts to products, account details, payment options, social media and so on.

You will notice the fonts are bold enough and have the right color, are well spaced and attractive. The main color on the GRP website is black with a minimum of green. As a result, the website looks neat and clean.

The new website is also user-friendly because you will not struggle to try to find any item. All the photos are clearly displayed and you can find their full information at the bottom. You will not likely call or chat with GRP customer service to inquire about a product. Instead, you will likely call to say you’ve ordered and would like to know the delivery date of your order.

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