Best of Products for Dispensaries

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Best of Products for Dispensaries

If you are looking to get into the Medical Marijuana industry, and have your sights set on creating a new and unique dispensary; like many are — we’ve got a couple of product ideas that resonate with your would-be customer-base.

Pop Top Bottle

Green Rush Packaging Pop Top Bottles offer a quick and efficient way to store your cannabis flower, concentrate, shatter, budder, blunts or cones. Press on either side of the cylindrical bottle to release the cap with a “pop” sound. Drop in your Marijuana strains or concentrate portions and close the lid.

These are easily pocket-able solutions for containing your stash on the go.

Barrier Bags — Exit Bags

Barrier Bags — specifically these Child Resistant Exit Bags have a latch zipper, which allows for protection from children 5 and under. The thick Mylar is opaque and comes in a matte black as well as a matte white option. There are three sizes to suit your needs — Small, Medium, & Large. This solution offers your customers a safe and secure way to contain their new marijuana flower strain and concentrates purchases while giving them a means to collect the items and cart them to the car, or outside your dispensary or collective.

Glass Containers

Glass Containers are a great pick for dispensaries, giving a perfect place to store edibles while still showcasing their beautiful color or shape. Easily stackable, you can fill up a whole drawer or shelf with these Glass Containers without worry.

Reverse Cap Bottles

Reverse Cap Bottles offer an experience that many are used to with RX Prescription Bottles. These Child Resistant containers are ideal for Medical Cannabis or Recreational Marijuana storage of flower, concentrate, shatter, budders and crumble. Press down and counterclockwise, watch the lid screw off, and grant access to a dry and secure place for your strains. This is an excellent delivery method for your customer when they purchase your Cannabis products.

Flip Top Bottles

Similar to the Pop Top Bottles, these wider options have a ridged lip on the cap, which allows a thumb or fingernail to easily flip the cap up, opening up the mouth of the bottle for your marijuana flower strains, concentrate, shatter and cannabis crumble. The durable materials and the size and shape make these bottles an instant favorite among medical marijuana consumers.

Tamper Evident Bands

When you have a need for security and want to make sure that your stored or transported cannabis is not manipulated or corrupted in any way, Tamper Evident Bands allow a method of securing the opening of the bottle, so that that you or your customer will know if the seal has been broken. These are very useful in the medical industry, and by proxy have been highly sought after in medical marijuana dispensaries.

Polystyrene Containers

Green Rush Packaging’s polystyrene containers help you package your concentrate extracts, crumble, wax, oil and more in high-quality containers with screw-on caps. Polystyrene is a versatile plastic used to make a wide variety of consumer products. As a hard, solid plastic, it is often used in products that require clarity, such as food packaging and laboratory ware.

These containers have a layer of polystyrene which covers the bottom and lip of the jar; giving a protective, and clean environment to store your cannabis concentrate, shatter budder, or exotic oils.

 SOS Prescription Bags

This pharmacy style RX Bags or SOS Prescription Bags which have that classic look and feel you would see at the pharmacy. Roll them up, place a logo on them with our hot stamp printing or custom printed label service; and create your own style.

You may have packed your lunch in someth444ing similar, but these bags are very versatile. The White Background is brilliant when a colorful brand is being displayed prominently up front.

Cannabis Packaging Products by Green Rush Packaging to include Pop Top Bottles, Barrier Bags, Glass Jars for Medical Marijuana & Child Resistant Exit Bags.

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