Canna Cribs Features Green Rush Packaging (GRP)

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1996 marked the turning point in the Cannabis industry when California became the first state to legalize cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. To date, 14 states have legalized the weed and a further 16 states have decriminalized its use.

To help the mass population access medicinal cannabis, technologists invented new ways to extract the important components found in the weed. Video producers were also in the frontline to produce entertaining videos and series to help the population understand better the importance of medicinal cannabis. Among the programs created was the Canna Cribs.

What is Canna Cribs?

After cannabis was legalized in many states, there was a void that was created where people were desirous for deeper information about the benefits and all other related information. It seemed like people were less concerned when the weed was illegal but suddenly developed a hunger for knowledge after it was legalized.

Growers Network, under its CEO Nick Morin, saw a huge opportunity and decided to exploit it. He started Canna Cribs, a series that would take the people into some of the largest centers for growing cannabis.

The aim was to bring into the screen firsthand information of the tech involved in the production, harvesting and processing of cannabis. Each episode covers a specific commercial growing center and goes deeper into the processes involved.

Originally, the series was uploaded on YouTube but viewers can stream the series on Amazon Prime, Roku, Apple TV and other streaming boxes. The series covers growing farms like Ultra Health, Mammoth Farms, Canna Hub and Copper State Farms.

Each episode features a unique story about the technology used by the specific farm to ensure quality, freshness and timely delivery of different Cannabis products. The show is filmed by growers and features growers who exceptionally commit themselves to grow cannabis following the strict guidelines in place. One of the farms and processing lab is owned by Connected Cannabis Co. & Alien Labs.

Green Rush Packaging (GRP) Featured

In one of the episodes, Canna Cribs features Green Rush Packaging, the company which supplies Cannabis packaging materials to Connected Cannabis Co. & Alien Labs. The feature shows details on the packing used to keep cannabis products fresh. The episode covers several products and the type of packaging used for each.

The whole process is collaborated between the production team, the lab team and the team of designers, all working under departmental managers. The team from Green Rush Packaging helps design the packaging bottles, cartons and jars. All the Packaging materials are customized flower, edible and concentrate packaging.

Some of the main guys in the episode where Canna Cribs Features GRP are Jace Little, Supply Chain Operations Manager in Arizona. In the episode, Jace says he had spent three years in the Cannabis marketplace before joining Connected Cannabis Co. & Alien Labs.

The other guy is Cody Mann, the Arizona Brand Manager and has deep experience in lab work. Connected uses the same packaging products used by their sister company in California – from Green Rush Packaging.

The designs are inspired by space, UFOs, the galaxy, related colors and anything the mind can imagine. One of the packaging boxes from GRP is a designer weed theme which is blue and the inside is beautifully designed.

Green Rush Packaging supplies about 70% of Connected Cannabis Co. & Alien Labs packaging needs. Connected works closely with the California Cannabis in-house team to produce amazing packaging designs before forwarding them to GRP for manufacturing. Apart from the beautiful boxes, GRP also supplies various sizes of cannabis packaging jars.

The dispensaries are supplied by Connected Cannabis Co. & Alien Labs. They love the packaging very much because they portray the company as genuine and as one that knows what they are doing. The packaging also keeps the products fresh.

At the packaging phase, the products are carefully weighed and packaged in jars, each containing 20 grams of cannabis product. The bottles are then sealed with a tamper seal to keep off air and moisture before sealing again with the lid. The process ensures freshness at all times.

The episode that Canna Cribs features GRP displays its packaging products as authentic and committed to quality, which proves why Connected Cannabis Co. & Alien Labs products remain fresh.

Harvest House of Cannabis

One of the clients supplied by Connected Cannabis Co. & Alien Labs. is Harvest House of Cannabis. The center is owned by Harvest Health and Recreation Incorporated.

Amy Dailey is the West Coast Market Manager and according to her, harvest House of Cannabis operates in 6 states across the US. In Arizona, they have fifteen stores making it one of the largest dispensary chains in Arizona.

The harvest house relationship with Connected Cannabis Co. & Alien Labs began in California before they set base in Arizona. Connected helps ensure all products are fresh, beginning with harvesting from the 15 growing farms owned by harvest house to processing, packaging and delivery.

Connected Cannabis Co. & Alien Labs supplies their dispensaries across 6 states. Amy says their customers love their products because they are always fresh, thanks to Green Rush Packaging who manufactures all the Connected Cannabis Co. & Alien Labs. packaging needs. Customers love the color tone, size and shape of the packaging.

Green Rush Packaging products supplied to Connected Cannabis Co. & Alien Labs

Flower, Edibles & Concentrate Packaging

Some of the packaging products Connected Cannabis Co. & Alien Labs buy from GRP are customized flower, edibles and concentrate packaging. The list of flower, edible and pre-roll packaging complies with child-resistant features and are customizable to fit the needs of customers. They include:

Concentrate Packaging

The concentrate list of packaging products includes:

They’re also available in different sizes and comply with child-resistant guidelines. The concentrate packaging products are some of the best known for packaging pharmaceutical cannabis products.

Clients can order packaging products with their customized logos to make them look like they have been manufactured by them. It builds a better company image and improves trust from the customers.

This is one major reason why Canna Cribs noticed the uniqueness of the Connected Cannabis Co. & Alien Labs. packaging and inquired who was manufacturing the products. It was from this curiosity that Canna Cribs featured GRP.

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