Cannabis Barrier Bags

cannabis barrier bags

Running a cannabis dispensary is not a simple process. To run a profitable marijuana business, there is a lot to consider. Packaging can be one of the main challenges that you face when managing a marijuana dispensary. Customers expect product packaging that suits their needs and is functional for their lifestyle. At the same time, considering pricing is also a crucial element to being profitable. Barrier bags can help bridge this gap of pricing and finding suitable packaging for cannabis. Here is all you need to know about cannabis barrier bags.

What are barrier bags?

Barrier bags are by far one of the most convenient packaging systems that have various applications. The most efficient in the marijuana industry is packaging the items sold at various dispensaries. They use a Ziplock type of mechanism but are designed to be very durable. These barrier bags are designed to have different sizes and looks. 

There are also different types of plastic thickness sizes to choose from, which also impacts the durability, reusability, and efficacy of the barrier bag. Essentially, barrier bags are your go-to solution for packaging cannabis for customers because of its characteristics. The marijuana barrier bags are the future of cannabis packaging because of the benefits they bring to the table.

What can be packaged in barrier bags?

The Mylar Barrier Bags that are available at Green Rush Packaging have some flexible applications but they are manufactured with marijuana packaging and storage in mind. There are various cannabis products that can be stored in barrier bags because of their versatility. For example, you can store anything from edibles to even cannabis flower heads on the barrier bag. 

The bags have different sizes and this allows you to properly store the right amount of flower heads. You can even purchase barrier bags according to marijuana flower heads size. When purchasing barrier bags, they are even categorized according to marijuana flower weight. This makes barrier bags for marijuana the absolute best choice for flower heads.

How can barrier bags be customized?

Customization options are crucial, especially when catering to marijuana dispensaries. As a result, there are multiple customization options that dispensaries can choose from to get the best barrier bag solution for their clientele. As a standard, the barrier bags do not have any branding on them to allow for customers to easily choose what they would like to be on them.

This depends on size as well but dispensaries can pretty much customize it however they would like to. Adding a logo, a stamp of the type of weed, and sometimes the potency thereof is a guide of how you can go about it. Make sure the custom prints are visible if you are using smaller-sized bags just to be safe before printing at mass.

Preserving cannabis from heat

There are many characteristics of barrier bags when used to package and store marijuana and one of those is preserving it from heat. Although it is true that in-store, the weed might not be in direct sunlight all the time, but there are other sources of heat. Some customers might be worried about the exposure to heat and its impact on the potency of the marijuana. 

They might believe that the heat compromises the potency of the marijuana over time so a protective measure to take is using barrier bags. The barrier bags preserve the marijuana stored inside from elements such as heat that could compromise the potency of marijuana. It is designed in such a way as to block heat from penetrating right to the cannabis stored inside.

Resealable airtight bag for fresh products

Another concern that marijuana users might have regarding the storage of their cannabis is exposure to the surrounding air. The air sometimes carries moisture and humidity, which could potentially impact the potency of the marijuana. Constant exposure to moisture might also make the smoke not so enjoyable since it won’t be as dry as it should be. 

By the time customers buy marijuana, it is not as fresh as it was before. To mitigate this, you can use a moisture barrier bag to pack each cannabis head and store it. The barrier bag is airtight since it uses the ziplock mechanism. The best is that it is reusable so customers can use it for as long as they still need it.

How affordable are barrier bags?

Barrier bags are the perfect fit for marijuana packaging and storage, which begs the question of how expensive they are. The pricing of barrier bags is subjective to various factors, including the size, type, and customization options. For example, some average around $0.07 each but with a minimum order level. 

Buying in bulk saves time instead of constantly restocking and this impacts the price. You can just buy a case of 2000 each at a time and have enough stock for quite a while. With the $0.07 estimate, you can get the 2000ea case for less than $200, which is very affordable. The price can even be added to the cannabis head prices quite easily.

Benefits of using barrier bags

When using barrier bags, there are multiple benefits you can reap, which include improved customer satisfaction rates. The bags are designed for customer satisfaction since sometimes they might forget their weed in direct sunlight. 

A barrier bag will shield the marijuana from the heat and the product will still be fresh. Also, since it is reusable, customers don’t have to worry about finding a perfect place to store their marijuana head if they can’t finish it all quickly. The weed can stay as long as they want on the resealable airtight barrier bag.

Final thoughts

Barrier bags are the perfect solution for marijuana dispensaries, especially for storing cannabis heads. The bags are very affordable yet very functional due to their resealable design and how they block out heat and moisture. Using this packaging solution can lead to an improved customer satisfaction rate which streamlines sales and revenue.

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