Cannabis Concentrate Containers

Concentrates come with higher THC/CBD, and turpentine density, and need less space. If left at room temperature, concentrates decay fast. Sunlight accelerates the decay process. This is one of the reasons concentrates require high-quality concentrate containers to keep them fresh and extend their shelf life. They are made using silicone, glass, or plastic. Glass concentrate containers are known for their quality and resilience.

Best features of glass concentrate containers

Glass Concentrate containers contain airtight child-resistant lids that meet compliance requirements. They are made to lock odor and moisture in the container to avoid exposing the products to the air. The containers are non-porous and durable. They package the most potent and coveted part of the cannabis plant. Customization increases your brand awareness, ensures you are compliant with the laws, and improves customer experience. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Green Rush Packaging custom concentrate containers

Green Rush Packaging can customize concentrate containers for your brand and offer you a wide range of custom printing options. One of its latest containers in its products list is the V2 Grip ‘N Turn series of glass jars. They are designed to carry and store 1 up to 1 gram of concentrates. The packaging is child-resistant and designed to lock moisture to keep products fresh, safe, and secure.

It is made with food-grade glass and has a thick base. This gives the jars a premium look that guarantees to propel your brand above the competition. You can leverage the locally stocked inventory by GRP and its custom-made branding services to speed up your process of meeting market needs. Before customization, the glass concentrate containers are clear and come with a black or white lid.

The products come with a GRP patented design and are certified child resistant. They are made with high-quality materials and allow a wide range of customization. GRP processes orders for overseas and local markets. The concentrate containers are produced in an ISO 9001 and GMP-certified environment.

Types of concentrate containers available for ordering

The 5ml round CR Grip ‘N Turn glass containers are available in different colors and sizes. For ease of branding, they come with a white or black lid. You can also choose all matte black or all matte white lids.  They have a wider opening to make it easy to remove the content. Using the right concentrate container allows your products to have a longer shelf life and maintain a high-quality of your cannabis products.

Due to their high concentration of THC, dabbing cannabis concentrates provides you with a quicker and more lasting effect. You enjoy using a stronger product that is purer with a more plant-like flavor. There are six different types of concentrate containers that you can order. 

Printing customizations and minimum order quantities

The embellishments options you can choose include direct screen printing or a combination of spot UV gloss and lid label application. Another option is the customized color for jars which can include in mold custom color, water transfer pattern, or direct screen printing. If you are ordering for overseas delivery, you have options to customize the cap and the jar.

For the cap, you can order customizations such as in-mold custom color, metallization, water transfer pattern, or direct printing. Options for direct printing are screen printing and hot stamping. For the jar, you can order spray coating, electroplating, water transfer pattern, or direct printing. Options for direct printing are screen printing or hot stamping. The minimum order quantity for each product category is 20,000. The lead time for delivery for each product type is 12 to 14 weeks.

If you are ordering for local delivery, your options for branding customizations are top cap label application and top cap and base direct printing. The minimum order quantity per product category is 2,500. You need to allow a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks. For both local and overseas orders, lead time starts from the time you make the required payment and approve the artwork.

The time is an estimate and could change based on conditions such as order quantity and customization needs. If there is a bigger order queue, your lead time can be extended. Shipment logistics can also affect lead time. For instance, delivery within the state where production is made can take a shorter delivery time than a state 5,000 kilometers away.

An overseas customer in a country near the country of production can receive their order faster than a customer in a faraway country.  To ensure you always have the packaging products your brand needs, place your orders early to allow enough time for production and delivery. If you need samples for glass concentrate containers, you can make inquiries with the production team to know the best way to make your order.

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