Cannabis Packaging Innovations for 2019

Cannabis packaging has grown to be much more than mere protection against transportation damage. Instead, cannabis packaging has emerged as a fusion of convenience and advertising, with constant changes due to trends.

2018 saw a lot of growth in terms of the cannabis retail industry, which means 2019 will be even more exciting.

To be able to begin the next business year the right way, you need to know all about the current trends in cannabis packaging. Amongst all the innovations like Grip N’ Pull bags, there is a lot to cover. We’ve summarized all you need to know into one comprehensive guide.

What drives cannabis packaging trends?

Two factors affect the state of cannabis packaging. Each on their own and at the same time, they influence the best choices for packaging your cannabis products.

Changing legislature – This is the first and, at the same time, most underrated role of trends in the evolution of cannabis packaging. As more and more states legalize cannabis, creative experts from these regions participate in influencing the trends. With this chain of events, the packaging designs change and showcase variety and ingenuity.

Technological advancements – Since packaging has turned into a sophisticated form of branding, there is a lot to take care of before creating competitive packaging. These technological innovations influence both design and safety, which overlaps with changing legislature.

As a result of these two factors in trend changes, we can now analyze the individual trends that will reshape cannabis packaging in 2019. Each of them relates to specific facets of the cannabis industry, refining the business as a whole.

The trends that shape innovation

Child resistant packaging

Laws and regulations have greatly influenced the number of steps a cannabis packaging manufacturer has to take. Under all circumstances, cannabis packaging has to involve a complex opening system, so that it is truly child-resistant. In 2019, the regulations related to this sector will be even more strict. But there will be certain breakthroughs.

“Customer want a preview of their product. Even with standards soaring ever-so-high-, people want to smell and experience the product before they try and buy it.

The challenge in 2019 will be to make products that are child resistant, while still enabling customers to smell them.”, tells us Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, CEO of the Blinc Group.

Sustainable packaging is the future

With a possible change in the federal status of hemp, more and more cannabis retailers have sought to achieve the goal of sustainable packaging. In 2019, the industry as a whole will move closer to biodegradable packaging.

Every material from cardboard, plastic, and paper will start being made out of hemp. Lex Pelger, a science director at Bluebird Botanicals, and a specialist in hemp manufacturing, gave his take on the subject:

“From a scientific standpoint, having sustainable packaging will reduce production costs in the long run. Also, a marketing standpoint will also be involved in future trends related to sustainable packaging.

Customers will care about the environment more, and their money and trust will be placed in companies who care about that. Sending such messages over packaging is most important.”

Different forms of inspiration will be involved

With less strict laws, cannabis marketing will slowly start resembling all service providing industries. As such, it will attract inspiration from many different sources, in an attempt to elevate cannabis packaging to the next level. Pantelis Ataliotis, the president of vaporizer company, Dr. Dabber, concurred with this statement.

“If there are going to be dispensaries everywhere in 2019, why shouldn’t we try things that succeed in other industries. If black and gold can make a product look expensive and high-end, why can’t this also relate to premium cannabis?

A particular emphasis will be on the packaging of smartphones and similar technology-related products. With design inspirations, cannabis packaging will evolve even further in 2019.”

Particular innovations that will influence cannabis packaging in 2019

2018 saw a lot of breakthroughs, but we’ve decided to focus on these four forms of cannabis packaging. They are the most important innovations that will make an impact on packaging in 2019 and maybe beyond. Let’s take a look at their features and characteristics.

  • Grip N’ Pull Bags. These bags are one of the important forms of child-resistant cannabis packaging. Many customers and retailers love this form because it’s popular and resealable at any moment. Aside from flowers, it can also be used for storing edibles and all sorts of cannabis products.
  • SnapTech Bags. Another form of resealable cannabis packaging, this particular kind of bag provides us with two forms of child-resistant closing. The first is made out of a zipper that makes it hard to open. It’s also a way to make the container resealable, stopping the cannabis from being compromised. What’s important about this design is that design doesn’t suffer, due to the zipper’s head being locked at the end of the zipper. It’s an interesting cross between functionality and design.
  • Pop Box. Developed by Pollen Gear, Pop Box is a simple take on the packaging laws. It’ still safe and according to all regulations. It has to be opened by a strong pop, which makes the packaging resealable. Since only strength is required, it’s safe and simple for use.
  • Airtight Calyx Flower Container. 2019 will see a lot of airtight packaging being introduced to the industry. Calyx Containers recently developed an airtight container which solves the most common packaging problems in the industry. It’s equipped with UV-blocking layers in the material, making this airtight container ideal for your flowers.

Concluding thoughts

Cannabis packaging will see a shift to more stylish packaging. As the industry evolves further in 2019, manufacturers will still abide by the laws, which refining their methods to be stylish. Airtight and child resistant solutions will be more abundant. If you catch onto these trends and start utilizing this technology, your retail business will grow exponentially.

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