Cannabis Sustainable Packaging Initiatives

In the evolution of cannabis packaging, there are many directions in which the industry has yet to expand. Significant improvements have been made in child-resistant systems and design quality, but there is still a lot to be desired in the field of sustainability. Since the world as a whole is shifting towards environmental awareness, cannabis manufacturers have strived to achieve the same.

Compared to the past, 2019 cannabis packaging will provide much more sustainable options. To keep you up to date with trends and help you explore other options, we’ve written this overview. In it, you will find out all about sustainable cannabis packaging solutions and initiatives.

Hemp bioplastic as one of the premier solutions

Hemp may be completely legal on a federal level soon, which gives us a lot of food for thought. Simple cash crops like CBD oil and hemp fabric are popular in states where hemp is legal. However, in recent years, scientists have observed hemp from another standpoint. After many experiments and studies, it seems that the best cannabis packaging solution can come from cannabis itself.

From waste during hemp product production, we’ve created hemp bioplastic, one of the most promising forms of sustainable cannabis packaging. What do bioplastics mean, anyway? A bioplastic is every plastic compound that is biodegradable and can be reused.

As a wider industry, bioplastics can replace fossil-based elements in traditional plastic. Instead of substances such as carbon, corn and hemp can be the building blocks of cannabis containers such as pop top bottles.

Why should we invest in bioplastic cannabis packaging?

According to statistics provided by Grand View Research, it is estimated that bioplastics should control approximately 5% of the entire global plastics market by 2020. In 2030, this number will already have risen to 40%. These predictions backed with existing data only tell us that sustainable cannabis packaging will have to consist of several initiatives to reach the expected points.

What makes it work so well? Well, bioplastics and the cannabis industry are a perfect match because hemp is one of the best sources of biodegradable plastic. Hemp is perhaps the most efficient raw materials for bioplastics production for a multitude of factors. Some of them are:

  • It’s an incredibly adaptable plant in terms of soil. It can be grown in most climates and many different altitudes. Finding the location for hemp plantations isn’t a problem, and it will be easier to predict crop size and other important statistics.
  • Since it’s a very resistant plant, it can grow without a lot of pesticides or artificial fertilizers. This increases credibility from individual growers, as well as costs. Because of this, every form of hemp bioplastic will be of high quality, without chances for different versions of the same product across brands.
  • Hemp is excellent at carbon absorption. Plants mature fast and improve their carbon consumption with each passing month. From the very start of germination, hemp plants efficiently absorb carbon from the atmosphere.
  • The carbon that’s absorbed won’t just benefit the environment. Hemp absorbs the carbon and converts into much of the raw resources for bioplastics. 65-70% of bioplastic mass can be taken up by this form of material.

The next step in establishing improvements is the formation of initiatives and intra-brand cooperation. As more and more brands join the movement, sustainable cannabis packaging will become a standard. Let’s take a look at the basis of cannabis coalitions and their significance to the cannabis industry.

SPC – Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Cannabis retailer Kush Co Holdings has officially joined the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, shifting public attention to sustainable packaging coalitions as a whole. This collaboration began as a joint effort to establish parity in the cannabis packaging market and advance towards new solutions and sustainable materials. Everyone can become a member and participate in different events and movements.

Along the year, they organize talks, gatherings, and festivities that urge the entire cannabis community to shift to sustainable materials. In addition to bringing attention to environmental protection, they showcase new advancements in design, quality, and security of their packaging.

Why are coalitions like this important? The first benefit of these coalitions is to improve packaging technology and strengthen cooperation between different brands, designers and even scientists. Also, coalitions will reshape the cannabis industry as related to marketing. How are these two different terms connected in this case?

Since the legality of cannabis is still a hot topic, seeing the industry promote an important cause is positive marketing for cannabis movements. As politicians, activists, and legislators increase their support for cannabis legalization, the industry’s views will become increasingly important.

Recycling programs for sustainable cannabis packaging

As the popularity of sustainable cannabis packaging has grown, recycling initiatives have started being formed. One of the most notable hemp waste programs is the Quest Waste Solutions project. They provide country-wide services to hemp growers and cannabis retailers, educating them and supplying them.

Depending on your choice of frequency, they can come and pick up your hemp waste. It will be taken to a hemp waste recycling plant, getting ready to reuse them almost immediately after. Recycling programs are important in every state where cannabis is legal in some form. Failing to be compliant with disposal regulation can result in hefty fines and repercussions.

Both individual consumers and retailers can sign up for many recycling programs such as the Terracycle Tweed recycling program. Throughout the Canadian territory, they come and collect packaging and any other form of hemp waste. The government approved, these initiatives and programs help build a better and more positive image for cannabis retailers and growers.

The bottom line

Sustainable packaging is soon going to be a standard in the world of cannabis. Once you know the importance from all perspectives, you can inform yourself about initiatives and recycling programs. Knowing how the entire sustainable cannabis packaging movement functions, you can apply it to your business. By following this trend, your brand will grow and see expansion.

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