Child Resistant Jars VS Non-Child Resistant Jars

Cannabis legalization brought a paradigm shift in the packaging industry. The need for child-resistant packaging is growing across many business sectors. In the cannabis market, it is a requirement by law for retailers to sell products packaged in child-resistant jars, bottles, tins, and cans. There have been arguments on whether brands should use child resistant jars or non-child resistant jars for packaging.

Difference between child-resistant jars and non-child resistant jars

Child-resistant glass jars are packaging products that deter children from accessing the contents inside. Products packaged in child-resistant jars are regarded as dangerous to children. They pose a risk to children’s health and legally, children are not allowed to use them. Cannabis is one of the products restricted by law for consumption by children. They include products such as edibles, pre-rolls, flowers, and concentrates.

As more states pass legalization laws, the availability of the products near consumers increases. Most of the users have children at home and the possibility of the child accessing and ingesting the products is high. That is why cannabis control boards in legal states have established regulations that guide cannabis packaging. One of the key packaging used in the cannabis market is child-resistant glass jars.

Non-child resistant glass jars lack child-resistant certificates. A child can easily open the jar and access the content to consume it. Packaging products that are not fit for use by children in non-child resistant jars threatens children’s safety. The law allows the packaging of products that are safe for children in such jars.

Features of child-resistant glass jars

Child-resistant glass jars constitute the following features which lack in non-child resistant jars.

  • They have a closure that cannot be figured out easily by children below five years of age
  • They are leak-proof, airtight, and spill-proof
  • They contain tamper-resistant caps. Most glass jars have a push-and-turn cap that children are not able to open.

Green Rush Packaging child-resistant and non-child resistant flower jars

Green Rush Packaging carries child-resistant and non-child resistant jars of different sizes and lid colors with the capability to customize. They are a good choice for packaging concentrate, flowers, or edibles in custom-made stylish jars designed to meet your needs. 

Additionally, you can get a wide range of color options and finishes. This ensures you have enough options for your branding needs and compliance needs. The range of crystal clear glass jars in the GRP product list is designed to showcase the beauty of your creativity in style. 

The main product features options for both child-resistant and non-child resistant jars are:

  • Customized printing for both domestic and overseas markets
  • Child-resistant and non-child resistant with certifications
  • Products manufactured in an ISO 9001 and GMP-certified environment
  • Produced with food grade materials
  • Can be used to package a wide range of products

Branding options and minimum order quantities

Branding is done to meet your needs. You can choose direct print or a combination of matte, spot UV gloss, and lid label application. You also have the option to order for soft touch matte, spot UV application, lid label application, or customized jar/ lid color. Minimum order quantities depend on whether you are making a domestic or overseas order.

For overseas orders, the minimum order quantity is 50,000 pieces regardless of the type of glass jar you are ordering. The products can be customized based on the customization options available for the cap and the jar. Customizations for the cap include in-mold customized color, metallization, or direct printing. Options for direct printing are screen printing or hot stamping. This option limits you to up to 3 colors.

Branding options for the glass jar include spray coating, powder coating, electroplating, or direct printing. You can choose screen printing or hot stamping for direct printing options. For any type of order, you must allow a lead time of 10 to 12 weeks. Customizations for domestic printing differ from customizations for overseas orders.

For the cap, you have branding options such as pad printing done on top of the cap. The maximum number of colors allowed for this option is 2. Your other option is the top cap label application. Branding options for the glass are pad printing for up to 2 colors and half wrap label application. You may also opt for a 4/3 wrap label application or a full wrap label application.

The minimum order quantity of domestic printing is 1 case per product. You must allow a lead time of 10 to 14 days. Note that lead times are estimates and can change based on several factors. The main factors are order quantity and branding specifications. When calculating lead time, start from the day you make art approvals and deposited the necessary payments. Shipping time from the point of production to the consumer is not part of the lead time.  

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