Compliance Check – How to Safely Store Cannabis in Your Home

Having marijuana in your household comes with a risk, especially if you have kids in your home. Marijuana poses as much risk as other common household items such as medications, alcohol, cleaning products, and even some types of plants.

If your little one gets hold of your marijuana and starts playing with or using it, this could be a huge problem. Therefore, you need to use common sense whenever you’re handling and storing your cannabis products.

Although cannabis packaging isn’t really child-friendly, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure the safety of your child. To guide you, let’s take a look at some tips on how to safely store cannabis products in your home, especially those which don’t come in child resistant packaging.

There’s nothing wrong with using cannabis for medical or recreational purposes. That is as long as you make sure that you store your products well and keep them out of your children’s reach to avoid any dangerous consequences.

Establish clear boundaries in the household

First off, you need to set some clear boundaries in your household. These boundaries should be about the rooms in your home, personal belongings, respect, and privacy. Households which don’t have any kind of boundaries are very likely to be extremely chaotic and tense. You need to make sure that everyone in your home respects the boundaries you set and they know what would happen if they don’t comply.

When you have kids at home, you need to use language that suits their age. There’s no point in using deep, complex language with little kids. The important thing is that you convey your message in a way they will understand.

The bottom line is that there should be no snooping around, no invading other people’s privacy, and no going through other people’s belongings. This reduces the risk of your little one seeing that attractive cannabis packaging and trying to open it.

Keep your stash in a single location

This tip works two ways. First, keeping your stash in a single location will allow you to always remember where you’ve kept it. So anytime you need to use your marijuana, you know exactly where to find it. Second, you can tell your children that the spot where you store your marijuana is off-limits.

That way, you don’t have to forbid your children from exploring other spaces just because you’re afraid that they will discover where you keep your stash. For instance, if you store your cannabis products in the closet in your room, you can say that they aren’t allowed to open the closet because it doesn’t belong to them.

Always put your cannabis away

This is a simple tip but a lot of people tend to forget it. After you use your cannabis products, put them away immediately. This will help lower the accessibility of the products to the children which, in turn, reduces the likelihood of dangerous situations happening.

Place your marijuana and all of the accessories you use back in the storage area when you’re done. Then you don’t have to worry about your little ones getting their hands on these potentially harmful items.

Keep your stash out of reach

When you’re thinking about where to store your cannabis, make sure to choose a high place. One that’s totally out of your child’s reach. A great hiding place is the highest shelf in your master closet. In such a place, it would be impossible for your little ones to gain access to your marijuana products in their child-resistant cannabis packaging for a couple of years. But as soon as they’ve discovered your first hiding place or they’re already tall enough to reach it, you should think of a new hiding spot or your cannabis.

Explore child-safe packaging

We’ve already established that marijuana products come in cannabis packaging that isn’t child-resistant. What you can do is explore child-safe packaging options such as locking jars, lock boxes, and cabinets with child locks. Most furniture and hardware stores carry cabinets which you can customize and fit with keyed locks. Lockable jars are very clever too. It’s easy for adults to use them while being totally safe for kids. So even if your child manages to get a hold of the jar, they won’t be able to open it.

Make sure your lighters and marijuana are the most secure

By far, the most harmful items to children are the lighters and the marijuana plants themselves. Although it may seem overwhelming to keep all of the accessories you use under lock and key, you should at least keep these two items most secure. That way, you won’t have to worry about your children starting a fire or consuming your marijuana.

It’s also important to analyze the unique situation of your own family so you know exactly how to store everything. For instance, you may own vaporizers, accessories made of glass, and other types of accessories. Although these items aren’t “dangerous” on their own, you may want to conceal any indications of marijuana use from your children. If so, then you should hide all of these items away.

Educate your children about marijuana

Finally, this is one of the most important tips you should consider. No matter how discreet you want your marijuana use to be, don’t forget that children are always exploring. If you prefer to smoke cannabis using a bong with a very attractive design, expect your kids to get intrigued by the device.

The same thing goes for when you use marijuana products with colorful or attractive cannabis packaging. If you want to practice discretion, then choose items which won’t grab their attention too much. Items like portable vaporizers, mini-bongs, and pipes have a lesser chance of getting spotted by curious little kids.

If you choose to let your children know about your habit, then it’s important to educate them well. Arming your children with enough knowledge will help them make smarter choices in case they come into contact with cannabis and cannabis-based products.

The bottom line

Just because you use cannabis, that doesn’t mean that it should pose a danger in your household. As long as you treat the products with the same degree of caution as you would use with cleaning products, alcohol, and similar items, you can store marijuana safely for yourself and your kids.

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