Customize Your Marijuana Packaging

In a highly competitive cannabis market, custom cannabis packaging can place you at a higher edge and help your brand stand out. It provides a better means for increasing brand recognition and improves your customer experience. Custom marijuana packaging protects your products from damage. 


There are many environmentally friendly alternatives for your cannabis custom packaging compared to traditional methods. At Green Rush Packaging, you can choose different cannabis custom packaging such as labeling, semi-custom, and full custom. 


Benefits of marijuana custom packaging to your brand


Packaging plays a critical role in the success of your product marketing strategies. Attractive packaging on the display can make a customer make impulsive buying decisions. This is one of the reasons your brand needs to invest in customer-oriented custom cannabis packaging. When you customize your packaging it provides your brand with a wide range of benefits. 


  • Increased sales outcomes. Attractive packaging appeals to the eye and influences purchase decisions by customers. 
  • Enhances brand awareness and recognition. Cannabis custom packaging makes it easier for customers to recognize your brand.
  • Keep your products fresh. Packaging helps protect your products from damage by sunlight, moisture, and other conditions. 
  • Enhances brand value.  Attractive packaging creates a feeling that your products are highly valuable. 


Latest custom marijuana packaging trends for your brand


Focus on cannabis packaging is becoming increasingly important in the modern competitive market. As new markets open after legalization, cannabis market value is reaching new levels. New weed companies are starting up often which is increasing the competition.  The regulations are changing and demand for quality products is increasing. Consumers today are more attentive to environmental protection which is pushing custom cannabis packaging to an entirely new level. Here are the latest packaging trends. 


Cannabis custom packaging


Custom marijuana packaging is a new trend that is gaining popularity fast. Instead of using traditional packaging, brands are now using their own colors, logo, and other customizations. They add slogans and develop their own packaging designs, shapes, and sizes. They choose customized materials such as metal, glass, or paper.  It helps products stand out on display and influences purchase decisions. 


Minimalism in branding


Today’s consumer market is full of ads and sales campaigns. Traditionally, branding was viewed in terms of standing out logos and colors. This overwhelmed customers with too much information. Today, brands are focusing on minimizing clutter to maintain only the most necessary information. They remove irrelevant embellishments and only retain the important ones. 


Eco-friendly packaging


Cannabis users are more sensitive to environmental protection. Governments are also keen to create packaging laws that pay attention to environmental health. Cannabis packaging companies are coming up with new ways of sustainability and green solutions. Eco-friendly packaging solutions include the use of recyclable glass, biodegradable materials, hemp, compostable materials, and reclaimed ocean plastics. 


Focusing on compliance in custom marijuana packaging


Governments are strict on compliance with packaging laws and guidelines. For instance, brands are required to use child-resistant packaging. They have to follow labeling guidelines and international law. Failure to comply could lead to serious consequences for both the retailer and the manufacturer. 


Choosing your cannabis custom packaging solutions


In the past, it was criminal to sell cannabis and cannabis products in most countries. Today, most countries and states have legalized both medical and adult use of marijuana. Competition is ever-growing and you need to carefully choose your brand’s packaging customization solutions. 


Green Rush Packaging offers a wide range of design services to help you customize your packaging. The company offers labeling, semi-custom, and full-custom design services. The design solution that you choose should help your brand achieve the following:


Ability to sell your brand and product story


Immediately a customer visits your facility, he or she should easily identify the different products displayed on your shelves. If they are new to the use of cannabis, they will most likely choose the product whose packaging seems most attractive to their eyes. Your custom cannabis packaging should make a lasting impression and memory in your customers. 


Ability to offer simplicity


Your cannabis custom packaging should not look complicated in any way. The message should be simple and easy to grasp. Adult users should not have a problem opening the packaging or using the contents. It should help keep the contents fresh and maintain its original taste. 


Ability to offer environmental protection


The current trends are environmental protection driven. If you choose traditional packaging, it might drive away customers who are conscious about keeping the environment safe. Many states and countries are currently updating cannabis packaging laws to include eco-friendly packaging. 


Ability to look luxurious


Your custom marijuana packaging should paint the right image in the minds of users. Although it should offer simplicity, it should also offer a feeling of luxury to the user. Classic packaging adds value to your products and brand image. 


Today’s packaging solutions are an improvement of traditional packaging. It seals the gaps that traditional packaging did not cover such as child resistance, keeping products fresh, and Eco-friendliness. Many dispensaries used plastic packaging and Mylar bags. 


Your brand can borrow ideas from traditional packaging solutions to improve your packaging customizations. The ideas can help you improve different packaging needs such as flower and edible packaging, concentrate packaging, CBD, and accessories for exit packaging. If you choose the right manufacturer, you can get improved value for your products. 


Each type of design allows a specific type and method of printing. For example, corrugated cardboard boxes can be laminated, digitally printed, or die-cut.  Rigid set-up boxes can be foil stamped, finished with varnish or UV gloss, cold foiled, debossed, or embossed. 


Folding cartons have many printing options. They can be debossed or embossed, cold foil or foil stamped, or customized with Pantone color matching. They also are customized through spot UV with gloss effects or varnish printed with an extra layer. 


Whatever customization option you choose, there are key points that you need to consider. Pay attention to the information you want your target market to see. Consider who you will share the information with and the value it will add to your brand. Present your design to your potential market and pay attention to the feedback you get.

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