Customizing Cannabis Push & Turn, Flip Top and Pop Top bottles

Colorful custom pop-top cannabis packaging containers from Green Rush Packaging.

Finding the perfect cannabis packaging containers is very crucial to store your weed or edibles fresher for longer. There is a lot to consider when choosing a container, either as a supplier or end-user. The variety of containers and packaging options can make it hard to choose which one is the best. By considering the pros and cons of each one, you can make a final decision on this. Learn more about the cannabis push & turn, flip top, and pop-top bottles, which are starting to be used by retailers globally.

Cannabis child-resistant packaging

The objective to get child-resistant containers for cannabis products has revolutionized the packaging industry in this sector. There is a wide variety of solutions that can be used to secure cannabis from children. This type of packaging can help cannabis users that have children to have access to what they need without endangering their kid’s safety. Child-resistant packages can be especially helpful for parents who use cannabis products for their health benefits. 

To avoid children gaining access to it, pop top bottles and other types of containers can be used to deter children away. These containers come in different sizes and sometimes even shapes, making them perfect for storing a wider variety of cannabis products. The aim is to make it almost impossible for children to easily open containers with cannabis. As such, a variety of container locking mechanisms is used to make it child-safe especially considering the contents of the packaging. 

Industry-grade solution for storing medication

Medication such as tablets, eye and ear drops, and so much more has been gradually moved to safer and more child-resistant containers. The containers use a variety of locking mechanisms that prevent quick access, especially for children. These container solutions have been used by large pharmaceutical companies to reduce child overdose cases. 

Cannabis packaging manufacturers have adopted a similar mindset by brainstorming child-resistant container locking mechanisms. The top Child Resistant Pop Top Bottles and Squeeze Top Containers have started being used by dispensaries nationwide. These mechanisms make it hard for children to access CBD products because it requires an adult to pop the cap off. That is the industry-grade solution that helps improve child safety on the containers as tried and tested by big pharma as well.

Characteristics of child-resistant packaging

The main identifying factors of a child-resistant packaging container are that it is almost impossible for kids to open. These can include flip top containers that have a locking mechanism that wedges the lid firmly into place. Child Resistant Reverse Cap Bottles and Push & Turn Containers can only be opened if you know the locking mechanism. The force required to open up these containers is also a bit too much than what a child can handle. Reverse cap bottles work in a counterclockwise direction to open up. When opening them up as normal, it seems as if you are tightening the cap even more. These packaging solutions can also be used by cannabis dispensaries since they play a crucial role in keeping children out.

Benefits of using this solution

Child-resistant flip top storage containers and others that use different locking mechanisms have the primary benefit of safety. Customers would have the peace of mind that their children won’t be able to open the containers even if they managed to get their hands on them. The Flip Top Containers and Pill Bottles are also important for parents who use cannabis products for medicinal benefits. If wellness inspectors drop by, seeing that substances that could be harmful are stored in industry-grade packaging with child-resistant mechanisms can get them off the hook. A side benefit of using this packaging solution is that these types of containers keep whatever products you are using fresh. Since the locking mechanisms create an air vacuum, the weed flowers or edibles can last longer inside.

Customizing these containers

Pill bottle containers or similar packaging can easily be customized to make it stand out from other dispensaries. First of all, determining the size of the space, you can play around with can go a long way into creating a beautiful design to customize the container with. You can then design a sticker label that has your branding and the type of cannabis product inside. 

To be more professional, write some details about the strain of cannabis used and include information about its THC content, CBD percentage and so forth. Alternatively, you can engrave the containers to customize the container itself. There are many different designs and design types that can be used to customize these little containers. The aim is to make it stand out from other dispensaries that might be selling similar cannabis products.

Why customize cannabis packaging?

Customized cannabis packaging has multifold benefits, and the most important one is brand awareness, especially when the packaging will be used in a setting with other people. Additionally, customized cannabis packaging has benefits that include a better customer experience. Having a professional company image will differentiate your brand from other dispensaries. 

As a result, you can get more returning customers and word-of-mouth referrals just because of professional customized packaging. Another great benefit is that you can add dosage recommendations and potency information. That can help boost awareness about the strain your users are using to help them be more responsible about using cannabis. There are so many different customizations that you can make on the packaging to make the containers your branding voice.

Final thoughts

Pill containers that have child-resistant mechanisms are a very effective way to promote child safety. Various mechanisms are used on these containers, some are reverse caps, and others are squeeze tops and so forth. The benefit is that all of these containers can be customized and branded using labels or container engraving. You can choose which method to use and the type of customizations that are done on it. Branding the containers is very important, especially to build brand awareness.

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