Dispensary Do’s and Don’ts for an Optimal Experience

With many states in the U.S. legalizing the medical use of cannabis, some people are going into dispensaries to buy it for the first time in their lives. If you’ve never been into a cannabis dispensary before, here are some do’s and don’ts you need to know.

Be Prepared

You will be asked to show some form of identification as soon as you go in. There’s no leniency when it comes to identification, and if you don’t have an I.D., you won’t get in.  If it’s your first time, you will also need to complete some paperwork.

Plan ahead

Most dispensaries have a menu online. It helps if you familiarize yourself with the products beforehand, so you aren’t at a loss when you go into the dispensary. You can get some idea of what you may want to buy. If you already know exactly what you want, you can also call ahead to make sure that it’s in stock. Inventory usually moves quickly, and you don’t want to be disappointed when you go to the dispensary. Understanding more about what you want can help you to communicate more effectively.

You can also check out reviews of a particular dispensary online to get a better idea of how it operates and what other customers have experienced. You want to make sure that the dispensary where you want to buy your products is reputable and offers good quality products.

You may have to wait

Once you have walked in and presented valid identification, you will probably be asked to sit and wait for a budtender to help you. Some dispensaries have waiting rooms, but others that do not have waiting rooms may allow you to browse about the store as you wait.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions

If you have any questions, you should feel free to ask the budtender.  You may want to know more about how the product was grown and how it will make you feel. The industry is changing so fast that even if you think you are fairly well informed, you may still have a lot to learn. The budtender should have in-depth knowledge about the products being sold as well as regulations and laws.

There are thousands of cannabis strains, each with their own flavor profiles, chemical compositions, and potencies. The wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes in these strains is what makes each experience so different. Some strains may be more sedating and others more invigorating. This is why cannabis has such a variety of therapeutic applications and why you need to ask questions if you want to understand the benefits properly.

Unfortunately, not all budtenders are experts. Fortunately, all cannabis products in the dispensary must have a strain name, ingredients, potency, warnings, contaminant tendencies, batch and license numbers.

The information on packaging can give you important information to help you make a decision. For example, some packaging may show warnings that a product includes a level of THC, is not meant to be a food and should be kept away from children.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the selection

Buying cannabis legally over a counter is still an unusual experience. It may feel somewhat strange to be faced with such a wide array of products. In most dispensaries, you will find many strains of cannabis flower as well as a wide range of edibles and concentrates.

You will be impressed by the custom cannabis packaging,  and all the sights and smells. You will need to explore different container options. No matter whether you’re selling extracts, seeds, edibles, or oils, you have to make sure that the container offers your customer the best possible experience from opening it, using it to closing it again.

Accept advice

Heed the advice of a budtender who cautions you about the strength of a certain product. Cannabis has a unique way of working in the body, and you may have some misconceptions about your tolerance. Your tolerance will be affected by many different factors such as your body mass and your frequency of consumption.  

Men and women also process cannabinoids differently. All these factors will affect the dosage. Budtenders are experienced, and they want you to have a good experience. It’s advisable to listen to them.

The days are gone when you just eat a cannabis brownie and hope for the best. Professionally-produced marijuana edibles tend to be more potent than in the past and can stay active for a long time in the body. This can be extremely beneficial to people who want extended relief, but it can be a bad experience for those who are infrequent consumers or have a sensitivity to cannabinoids. Here again, advice from a budtender can be invaluable.

Don’t talk about breaking the law

It’s a bad idea to talk about circumventing the law in a dispensary. As part of the regulatory guidelines, dispensaries are under surveillance, and you will be caught on camera.

Do give a tip

It’s standard practice to give a tip. One or two dollars is sufficient for smaller purchases and five dollars for bigger ones. If the budtender has been attentive, efficient and answered all your questions, you can tip more. You may have wanted to know about a variety of different products and their effects. This would have taken time, and you can show your appreciation.

Don’t stick around too long

Dispensaries usually don’t have space for too many people at the same time. They are deliberately set up in this way to enhance security. Budtenders are also working on the clock, even if they don’t give this impression. They usually enjoy talking to people as part of their job but it’s helpful to them if you don’t linger too long. Ask your questions, make your purchase and go on your way.

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