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A to Z – Dispensary Packaging

Dispensary Packaging 

So you’ve decided to join the growing medical marijuana industry, congrats! If you want to open a successful marijuana collective or dispensary, you’re going to need top notch marijuana dispensary supplies. Luckily, you’ve found Green Rush Packaging! We’ve got the packaging experience and the knowledge of this new industry to make your cannabis packaging stand out!ba

Whether you’re calling your medical cannabis business a dispensary, a collective, or a smoke shop, you’re going to need dispensary supplies in order to legally sell your medical marijuana products. Each type of cannabis–flowers, concentrates, or edibles–has different packaging needs to protect the product and the consumer too. Every state has it’s own regulations about the legal sale of cannabis as well, so you need a dispensary supply company that knows the laws about marijuana packaging.

What kind of dispensary supplies do you need?

To adequately set up your new cannabis business, you’ll need to display, package for sale, and brand your products. We’ve got one of the widest product lines of dispensary supplies online to make that happen for you. To display products, we have a range of mylar bags with clear plastic sides and windows, glass screw top containers, and clear plastic containers. To make sure your customers leave safely, we have exit bags that follow all the different state regulations, and they can be printed or labeled with your brand or logo.. Your products will stay safe too with tamper evident, resealing, and scent-proof packaging.

Let’s look at some of the ways Green Rush Packaging can outfit your medical cannabis dispensary.

Display Packaging – Dispensary Supplies

We know how to show off your product’s unique properties while also protecting it from the elements. Our clear glass and plastic containers display and store, while our clear front mylar bags give customers a view while protecting the product.

  • We have glass bottles that will keep scents and freshness in while letting your customers see all the details. These bottles are great for flowers or concentrates because they’re naturally protective but also look great on shelves or in a professional display case.
  • Polystyrene containers are also clear to show off all the colors and properties of your products while also sealing tightly with a screw top lid. They can be a more economical option for both display and storage.
  • Clear front mylar bags show off your product while keeping it fresh. They’re also great for flowers, as a professional upgrade to the old baggie. While one side is clear, the other can be foil, black, white, or even kraft paper, so you have great options for branding.

Exit Bags & Child Resistant Containers – Dispensary Supplies

Many state regulations on medical marijuana require bags that have locks, seals, and other safety measures so that children can’t get to cannabis products. No matter what your state requires, we’ve got you covered with the safest dispensary supplies.

  • Locking bags are made from thick mylar that keeps out light and moisture, and they also have plastic slide closures that lock to keep your products safe.
  • SOS prescription bags are the same opaque paper bags consumers see at the pharmacy, and they can let your customers get your products safely to their car. If you print them with your logo, you’ll also gain brand recognition.
  • Tamper evident seals let your customers know that their product is secure. Many medical products have these kinds of shrink wrap tamper seals, which gives your brand more respectability.

Concentrate Packaging – Dispensary Supplies

Cannabis concentrates are some of the newest and most popular medical marijuana products on the market, and these potent waxes and resins require special packaging to preserve their special properties.

  • Glass jars are a classic packaging option for medical products and herbal products, and they’re great for marijuana concentrates because they don’t leach chemicals and will keep all your product’s special properties intact.
  • Silicone liners are the newest option for packaging concentrates, as they are also leach-proof and will keep your products fresh and safe. We have liners as well as jars with liners already inserted so you give your customers an upscale experience when they buy their concentrates.

Flower Packaging – Dispensary Supplies

When you sell raw cannabis flowers, you need dispensary supplies that preserve the special qualities of your product like scent and potency. As packaging experts, we have all the containers, bags, and other packaging to keep your medical marijuana flowers fresh and safe.

  • RX bottles give your customers the same peace of mind that they get picking up prescriptions at a pharmacy because they have the same safety features. We even have reversible top containers with a child resistant side and a simple screw top on the other.
  • Squeeze top containers are perfect for selling and storing flowers or pre rolled marijuana cigarettes because they keep the product fresh, but your customer can easily open and reseal them at home.

Packaging for Edibles and More – Dispensary Supplies

Even if you’re not selling organic cannabis flowers or buds, you still need high quality, safe, and law compliant packaging. We’ve got the best packaging tailored for the medical cannabis industry so that your edibles, pre rolls, or cannabis body care products are safe and appealing to your customers too.

  • Rx mylar bags are made from thick, light proof and moisture proof plastic that keeps your edibles safe and preserves flavor and potency. We provide these barrier bags in a variety of colors and finishes so that you can pick the right look for your dispensary.
  • Pop top bottles are great for smaller edibles like gummies or candies. They have an airtight seal, but they’re easily opened and reclosed. The vacuum seal on our plastic bottles also keeps them closed in a bag.

Branding Your Cannabis Dispensary Supplies

Green Rush Packaging has you covered when it comes to branding your medical marijuana business. The best dispensary supply companies not only provide you with the packaging itself, but also apply your logo and branding to your entire line of packaging. We can print directly onto packaging like mylar or paper bags, and we can also print labels that can be applied to bottles, jars, or other packaging. You can pick upscale branding with metallic foil printing or go with an organic look with kraft paper and ink. It’s up to you! With Green Rush Packaging, not only do you get the best in dispensary supply, you get the best branding as well.

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