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Do you need boxes for your cannabis concentrate packaging?

Because of the health benefits that people have discovered that come with using CBD, the demand for CBD has grown. The forecast in the market is that this will continue on an upward trend. Despite the recent challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for CBD oil and other CBD products has increased. 

Now, even CBD oil, edibles, and concentrate packaging have improved along with the emergence of more varied products. This is very important since the boxes of CBD products should guarantee their freshness and quality while catching the eyes of consumers.

Concentrate sales are up

Before considering custom boxes and packaging, it’s important to look at CBD sales, particularly in terms of concentrates. Last year, the sales for CBD concentrates increased by over 40%. This accounts for a bigger share of the overall market of cannabis. The reason for this is that consumers have become more comfortable with dabbing. Also, new technology has made these products more convenient.

For the year 2020, the health crisis caused a decrease in demand for legal marijuana in most parts of the US. However, many states in America have experienced their strongest sales of CBD since March of 2020. It is now projected that CBD products will see continuous market growth until 2027. The most likely reasons for this continuous growth are:

  • The increasing number of psychological issues caused by the pandemic.
  • An increase in the number and variety of CBD products available.
  • Expanding circumstances and interest in self-care.
  • The progression of cannabis farming legalization.
  • More people have discovered the health benefits of CBD.

However, although there has been a significant increase in concentrate sales, flowers are still the main product that people prefer.

Standard CBD concentrate packaging

As a rule, standard cannabis concentrate packaging should keep the product safe. If the box cannot protect the product from damage, it will render the concentrate useless. This means that the manufacturers of CBD concentrates, oils, tinctures, marijuana, and more should only choose manufacturers or wholesalers of custom packaging boxes who can prepare custom boxes or packaging that will protect their products from damage.

As a manufacturing company of concentrate boxes and more, you can order glass containers from us along with boxes and other types of packaging. These packaging solutions will keep the concentrates safe in one place. A custom box that preserves the quality of concentrates and other CBD products will make clients feel more comfortable whenever they start packing products for their consumers too.

Complimentary packaging 

Because the number of products made of cannabidiol are in such demand, there is now a need for custom packaging boxes to accommodate this demand. Since reliable CBD product suppliers want to convey professionalism, they can use custom packaging boxes with the logo. Right now, the market for custom concentrate packaging is constantly expanding. These boxes come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. There are even Grip ‘N Lock Paper Cannabis Boxes to ensure that children do not end up opening the packaging to access the products.

Custom boxes are not only for protecting products but also to glamorize them. A well-styled packaging will increase the grace of a product and as such, attract more consumers. Packaging boxes also advertise the products they contain.

Usually, people who order boxes inform the manufacturer of the kind of box they need. Based on this information, manufacturers will design boxes according to the specifications of the client. Manufacturers make sure that each aspect will manifest the client’s aspirations including the shapes, colors, paper quality, styling, and printing. Often, reputable manufacturers like us also offer a complete range of printed packaging boxes wholesale at affordable prices.

You can choose either a standard folding box or a premium 3-piece box for your products. The standard folding box is lightweight, cheaper, and sized to fit the jar you will put your products in. It also has an optional view window. 

For the premium three-piece box, one advantage is that it’s a standard box size that does not change based on the size of the concentrate. This means you will have more room for the box to stand out on your shelves, especially if you choose an awesome design. Having a unique branding will create an awareness of the brand while creating brand loyalty. Customers who enjoy the products will come back for more – and they will find the products easily. For premium concentrates, these usually have built-in windows on the box for easier viewing.

The importance of CBD packaging

The trend of recent years has shown CBD products gaining so much popularity. As CBD companies produce more of these products, the competition becomes fiercer. Companies involved in CBD products know the challenges they will encounter while selling. With so much competition, it has become a necessity to bring inspiration and novelty to their products. Consumers are not only interested in the quality of products but also in how companies can get their attention through well-designed products and other custom concentrate packaging.

Packaging is part of a product’s presentation, which makes it important for the brand. For In the case of CBD oil and concentrates, they should fit the most common dropper bottles. Requesting a quote for customized boxes should then include details like custom sizes, embellishments, and finishes. These are necessary to make the company’s brand look professional without compromising presentation and safety. Most of the time, customers agree that the quality of the packaging is the first thing they notice when they receive a package. Simple CBD concentrate products in cool boxes already show professionalism, even for smaller businesses.

Final words

People who have discovered the therapeutic benefits of CBD products have influenced them to purchase these products, regardless of the cost. Since these products have a greater profit margin, commercial retailers now focus on selling cannabis-based products. To make such products more appealing to consumers, CBD concentrate suppliers now offering revolutionized packaging and boxing solutions in many amazing techniques and ways. They turn to manufacturers of customized boxes to ensure the safety and quality of their products.

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