Emerging Trends in Marijuana Retail, Brand Imaging, Marketing and Delivery

cannabis packaging, branding, and retail trends

An important facet of medical marijuana is still the battle for legalization and recognition in front of the international medical community. That particular movement is heading in an upwards direction and is gaining more and more traction.

With the rise in popularity came a rise in demand and the public perception about marijuana. It is now seen as a potential relief for some maladies and has drawn in many people who were previously unfamiliar with the concept.

Unlike before, it is not enough for the medical marijuana entrepreneur to be just an activist. With so many new dispensary chains and challenges ahead, the MMJ entrepreneur has to be a shrewd businessman as well.

This requires a vast knowledge of all the current trends in the following fields – MMJ retail, brand imaging, delivery service and marketing through a multitude of media. Let’s take a look at some new trends and how to use them to your advantage.

A change in demographics

With 30 states having decrees and laws that concern legal medical marijuana (including DC), the era of demonization is almost completely over. More than half of the entire country now has access to medical marijuana. It isn’t just the interest of high school kids, artists and all those who took an interest in the subject behind closed doors.

As such, the legalization of medical marijuana has drastically affected the image of the average MMJ user. In fact, it has completely removed the need for such an image.

An influx of women, older people… and athletes

Due to an increased number of Baby Boomers experiencing stress in their workplace, there is a steady rise in people 55+ showing an interest in marijuana as a synthetic medication alternative.

Also, women are more and more into the movement – especially because decriminalization remove the factor of risk from the consumers’ endeavors. Additionally, due to the fact you’re able to see medical marijuana bottles in just about everyone’s pocket, science is taking an increased interested in the matter, as well.

This includes many athletic associations pondering the removal of cannabis from the list of banned substances. Injury recovery, muscle soreness, mental relaxations and curbing pain medication addiction – these are just some of the reasons young athletes are turning towards medical marijuana. The changed “average consumer” calls for some changes in the entrepreneurs’ view of the whole movement.

A makeover is imminent – branding options are expanding

If we use dispensary packaging and basic wholesale cannabis containers as an example, we can see that marketing is paramount. It is precisely the field that is bound to adapt to some new trends. Pop top containers aren’t just a means of cannabis transport, anymore – they are a form of recognition. Just like Apple has the silver fruit icon and the memorable font, so are cannabis dispensaries developing their brand image.

This brings us to the very core of theoretical capitalism, where possibilities reside. The more every brand fights for recognition, the better the product will be.

People will want more information on a particular edible or strain, and it will all be written on the pop top bottles. Soon, quality will be connected to a brand inseparably. Establishing trust will slowly rise to the top of all business facets of the marijuana world.

Marijuana marketing will connect words such as “relax,” “motivate” or even “energize” with respective brands. This novelty will be right alongside new concepts like MMJ containers and custom cannabis packaging used as a means of recognition.

Particular brands will use details such as coloring, size, and style as a form of recognition. Every dispensary supplies wholesale will become more and more different by the day.

Catering to your customers – the era of delivery

In states like Oregon, California, and Nevada, we can observe a steady rise in the field of marijuana delivery. Because of the legality in these regions, people are using the service to the maximum, reducing the effort needed to get the product to their doorstep. It’s merely a simple facet of evolution – as the average cannabis consumer changes, so do the methods of servicing him or her.

Having those MMJ containers delivered to your address isn’t just a positive for the customer – every business will benefit heavily from it. Why exactly? This is simply because it reduces the option of a negative customer experience appearing. The simpler the process and the less a customer has to do – the lesser the chances of something going wrong are. Customers love it when things are easy.

And because cannabis products can now be delivered to a person’s doorstep, a new gateway in the industry has been opened, boosting the economy and satisfying people on an individual scale.

Removing stigmas, stereotypes, and fears – the birth of new jobs

The medical marijuana industry needs more and more knowledgeable professionals to take part in the entire movement. Before, there was a known issue with people being hesitant due to the stigma connected to the industry.

Employment in the marijuana industry could also impact future job opportunities. Nowadays, the situation is completely different. Pop top bottles are no longer a “drug,” they’re the sign of a healthy outlook on problems that were treated wrongly.

With that being said, a modern marijuana expert is a knowledgeable and versatile professional. An employee who does the delivery part of the job also has knowledge about different strains. Customers can easily ask him for advice.

A farmer can also do packaging and vice-versa. More and more knowledge is required, which results in businesses showing an increased need for trainees and novices. These inexperienced individuals can be taught from scratch and made into high-paid, satisfied professionals. Together, they boost the economy and become an integral part of society itself.

The dawn of specialization

The conclusion to this incessant influx of trends is the inevitable road to specialization. With a changing demographic and increased marketing options, there can be personalized products for every society member who is either already a consumer or a potential consumer. Medical marijuana bottles will be voices, not just containers.

We at Green Rush Packaging are always into accepting new trainees to work in our facilities. For any cannabis-related company, it’s important to view themselves as a training ground, not just a workplace. Knowledge will be spread, and you might be the one to kick off the process.


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