Exclusive Only at GRP! The Pyro™ Case is now available!

PyroCase cannabis joint case with compartments, available at Green Rush Packaging.

The national premium cannabis packaging provider Green Rush Packaging is constantly innovating new products. The company recently announced the arrival of its latest marijuana packaging – The Pyro™ Case . It is a safe, crush-proof packaging solution designed to keep your pre-rolled cones  fresh. 

Green Rush is a leading manufacturer of cannabis packaging products for the legal cannabis market. They manufacture and supply packaging solutions for medical and recreational marijuana. The company was founded in 2017 and currently has more than 20 different packaging solutions for the cannabis industry. 


What is the Pyro Case for?

The Pyro™ Case is an exclusive design and innovation of Green Rush Packaging Company. The marijuana case is made using premium material to make it strong and resilient. It is crush-proof to protect your products in case the case accidentally falls. It is designed for pre-rolled cones and can hold 5 pieces plus a mini lighter.

With the Pyro Case, you no longer need to worry about the freshness and safety of your pre-rolled cones, no matter where you are. You can use it as your marijuana travel case because it easily fits into your pocket. 

The case is designed using recycled material to conserve the environment. It has a gasket seal designed to prolong the shelf life of your cannabis products. In addition, the case has storage for a matchbox and a lighter so that you can use your product wherever you are and whenever you want. The best advantage of the Pyro Case is that you do not need to buy a new case every time you want to buy your pre-roll cones. The case is reusable and refillable, meaning you can use the same pre-roll Pyro case again and again. 


What colors can you order?

The Pyro marijuana travel case is available in black or white colors. Both colors contain the same qualities, versatility, and features. Both can hold 5 pre-rolled cones of up to 109 millimeters in length. Their dimensions are 5.66’’ by 2.88’’ by 0.55’’, which makes the marijuana case small enough to fit into your back pocket. The Pyro™ Case is manufactured using ABS (PCR) / Silicone material, which is a choice material for the safe storage of products and secure transportation. It is a fully recycled material approved for packaging consumable products. 


The Pyro™ Case is customizable

If you are in the cannabis supply chain, including manufacturing, distribution, and retail, you can order customized pre-roll pyro cases. You only need to give your specific customization details, and Green Rush Packaging will manufacture it for you. You can request a more decorative detail or additional features on the packaging to fit your brand and make it attractive. For example, you may order embellishments such as hot stamp foil and printing of your brand name to be directly printed on the marijuana travel case. 

Another example of embellishments is color customization. To capture your brand color, you do not have to order white or black Pyro marijuana cases. You only need to specify your color, and it will be done. Instead of direct printing, you may order water transfer printing in addition to in-mold custom color and hot stamp foil. Another example of customization is to order customized gasket colors to align with your brand color. You can request the flood coat to be in full CMYK color. In addition, the marijuana case can have spot UV gloss, including the hot stamp foil. 


Pyro Case is child resistant

The cannabis packaging law requires all cannabis packaging solutions to be child resistant. All Green Rush Packaging products, including the Pyro Case, are child resistant. In the event you forget to store your marijuana travel case away from children and a child under five years old accesses it, they cannot be able to open it. The child cannot accidentally ingest your cannabis products. 


The Pyro Case minimum order quantity MOQ

If you are a medical or recreational cannabis user living in the U.S., you can order a minimum of one case of pre-roll pyro case or more from the Green Rush Packaging factory. Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors located within the US can also order one case or in bulk of the Pyro cases. Users and sellers are free to provide customization instructions based on their needs. You need to allow production and shipment time of 14 days. 

Individuals, cannabis manufacturers, retailers, and distributors located outside the US can order customized marijuana travel cases from the GRP factory. The minimum order quality for overseas customers is 20,000 pieces. The customizable products you can order include:

  • In-Mold Color
  • Spray Color
  • Electroplating
  • Direct Print – Hot Stamp, Heat Transfer, Silkscreen, or Digital Print
  • Water Transfer
  • Label and Label Application

For all customizable product overseas orders, you need to allow 12 to 14 weeks for production and shipment. For both local and overseas customers, the production and shipment time presents an estimated period. The time can be more if your order quantity is larger or your customization specifications require more details. 

The delivery time is excluded from the 12-14 weeks of production time. Product transit time can take more days depending on how far you are located from the GRP factory. Other factors, such as clearing laws and logistics in specific countries, need to be considered. 

The Green Rush Packaging pre-roll pyro case can fit different cone lengths and have varying capacities. Its product-preserving features keep your cones fresh all the time. Its slim profile makes it possible for you to insert the case in your pocket and travel without worrying if someone will notice you are carrying cannabis products. It is designed for on-the-go use, meaning you can use it regardless of where you are located. The material is eco-friendly and offers environmentally sustainable solutions. GRP is the exclusive owner of the Pyro Case patent. 

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