Growing Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is fast-growing (in more ways than one) and the ideal place for job seekers to look for work as jobs are quite readily available. The legalization of medical marijuana and more relaxed regulations in terms of recreational cannabis use have created an industry boom, and it is estimated that about 300,000 jobs will be created by 2020. And that’s only in the states that have so far legalized the use of marijuana for either medical or recreational use.

The number of jobs available in the industry will continue to grow as more and more states follow the example of those such as California. Here are some examples of jobs you might be able to find in the cannabis industry:

  1. Cannabis Budtender

The word budtender is a play on words related to a bartender. A budtender works at the front-end of an organization and helps customers decide what they want to purchase. They offer advice and offer client services to customers.

A good budtender must have good people skills and be able to make clients feel at ease. He/she must also have a sound understanding of cannabis products that are for sale together with the laws and regulations that govern the industry. This job can be offered part-time or full-time.

  1. Cannabis bud trimmer

As a bud trimmer, you’re working with the cannabis while it is in the growth stage. Cannabis is harvested by hand, so a well-trained bud trimmer can quickly and efficiently harvest the marijuana. As the plant grows, the bud trimmer trims the plants to remove extra leaves.

While you need no formal training for this job, it is advisable that you are an organized person who works systematically. You’ll receive on-the-job training to teach you the skills you need. This is regarded as a gateway job for those looking to get a foot in the door of the cannabis industry.

  1. Cannabis edibles chef

A cannabis edibles chef is someone with cooking/baking skills and a sound understanding of cannabis products and uses them to create delectable foods that contain cannabis. The focus of a cannabis edibles chef is knowledge of the product. You must know exactly how much cannabis to use in your creations so that they do not have adverse effects.

You must control the use of the cannabis in the manufacture of the foods. In the cannabis industry it is also vital that you know the rules and regulations governing every aspect of the process. As it’s in its infancy in many states, these rules and regulations are subject to change during the teething phases.

  1. Cannabis cultivator

As a cannabis cultivator, you are responsible for cultivating the cannabis plants from the time the seeds are planted until the product is harvested. Assistant growers work with you to make sure that conditions are ideal for the cannabis plants to produce the best harvest possible.

Cannabis plants grow well in a specific amount of light at certain temperatures and states of humidity. You would need to make sure that where these conditions are being manipulated, they are at the right levels and that equipment is in working order. A degree in Science or Horticulture is advantageous for a position such as this, as well as a demonstrable knowledge of the cannabis plant and the industry in general.  

  1. Cannabis dispensary manager

The cannabis dispensary manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a cannabis dispensary. This includes receiving and cataloging stock, placing orders, balancing the books and the banking. Good money management skills are essential as cannabis dispensaries work on a cash-only basis.

As the dispensary manager, you’d be training the budtenders, so you need to have a sound knowledge of the cannabis products sold at the dispensary and the industry standards that need to be adhered to. A university degree is recommended, although a proven track record in the retail industry may carry more weight.

  1. Cannabis dispensary security guard

Due to the fact that the dispensary works on a cash-only basis and sells a product that may be coveted by criminals, it needs extra security to keep the staff and inventory safe. If you have proven security work experience, have served in the military, or worked in law enforcement, you are ideally placed to seek a position as a security guard at a cannabis dispensary.

  1. Manage online and software support for a dispensary

Many cannabis dispensaries have websites and allow for online orders. If you have IT experience, you could freelance and make a living keeping the dispensary’s website and blog active and offer software support for the systems used to manage inventory and sales.

  1. Public administration of the cannabis sector

Owing to the fact that the sale of cannabis is guided by laws, rules, and regulations, the government has vacancies at state and local level for inspectors and regulators. There are also jobs in the administration of applications for licenses to sell the product.

Law enforcement agencies also play a role in keeping the criminal element out of the trade. You can work as a public servant making the industry functional. The level of education required will differ from job to job.

  1. Cannabis delivery services

Many cannabis dispensaries offer a delivery service. You could do such a job on a part-time basis, making it ideal for students. Depending on the needs of the dispensary, you could be making bike deliveries or driving a company vehicle to make deliveries to customers, and get your start as a part of the cannabis industry.


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