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How are Oil Vape Cartridges Changing the Way we Smoke Marijuana?

Much controversy surrounds vaping and vape cartridges. There are its proponents who believe that it is less damaging than smoking. However, there are also its opponents who are of the opinion that it is worse than smoking. Studies regarding the matter have conflicting results and are ongoing.

When vaping first hit the scene, it was associated with a replacement for a conventional cigarette. However, over time, it has evolved to include various oils as well. The industry is in its infancy. There are new evolutions and additions to the product on a regular basis. Entrepreneurs are making the most of any opportunity granted to them to exploit the market further.

Vaping oils

One of the most popular oil vaping trends is THC oil, CBD oil, and hemp oil. It is regarded as an alternative method for the therapeutic intake of these products. Patients who are prescribed medical marijuana are turning to oil vaping for the pain relief or other benefits it offers them.

Medical marijuana is an alternative medicine regimen adopted by people with diseases such as cancer, glaucoma, and conditions that cause chronic pain. It is prescribed for PTSD, depression, anxiety, autism, and various other conditions as well. It has been legalized in many states. Patients collect the prescribed product at a dispensary, much as they would collect any other medication at a pharmacy.

A lot of patients tend to opt for CBD (cannabinoid) oil. It provides relief from symptoms without the buzz.  CBD oil does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the compound that gives marijuana its mind-altering properties. Oils that contain THC are called marijuana oils.

There is still controversy over their legality, as the federal government regards them as mind-altering substances. But the 29 states that have chosen to legalize medical marijuana see it differently.

Different types of vaporizers

The two most commonly used oil vape delivery mechanisms are the cigalike oil vaporizers and vape pens (portable vaporizers).

Cigalike oil vaporizers are so-called ‘first generation’ vaporizers. They have a small cartridge in them that contains the oil. You swap these cartridges out when they are finished. The reason more people are turning away from this type of vaporizer is their uncertainty about the contents of the cartridges.

There is substantial reason to believe that the oil in the cartridges is not pure. It contains additives, and you may not be certain what they are. In many cases, it has been cut with propylene glycol (PG). PG thins the oil which facilitates easier vaping.

The vape pen is gaining popularity. It is more efficient and effective than the cigalike vaporizer. It features a temperature control mechanism. This is very useful in ensuring that the vape pen delivers your oil optimally.

The vape pen does not require a specific cartridge. You can buy your own cartridge and fill it with the oil of your choice. Then you can be sure that it is a pure product with no harmful additives. The smaller size of the vape pen lends to its being more discreet as well.

Why the vape pen?

The benefits of using a vape pen are numerous. It is more discreet than any other method. It delivers the product in a quicker, cleaner fashion. And the oil is more potent when you vape it.

Dos and don’ts of using a vape pen

Users are cautioned, however, to be careful when they start vaping. One of the most important things to do with a vape pen is to control the temperature. If it is too hot, the oil will burn, and much of its properties will be lost. You’ll be inhaling carbon monoxide in addition to the oil.

Shorter, shallow puffs of the vape pen are recommended. If you inhale to deeply, the oil could end up in your mouth. Deep inhalation can also cause the temperature of the oil to rise, which can negate its efficacy. It is essential that you get your oil from a reliable dispensary. You need to be sure of its quality and that it has been vetted.

Vape pen cartridges

Now that vaping with oil cartridges growing in popularity, dispensaries are starting to sell the necessary accessories that clients need. This may include vape pens, as well as the cartridges that are inserted into them. Cartridges come in different sizes and can accommodate different volumes of oil. They are made of different materials such as plastic and glass. The majority are made of glass.

There are different options for the tip as well. Some are flat, while others are round. The variety ensures that all clients have options to choose from for their own comfort and convenience. The generic thread makes these cartridges universal. This means they can be used with just about any vape pen.

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Our wide range of accessories allows you to get supplies to offer your clients a full-service experience. Dispensary customers prefer to have all their needs accommodated in one location. Being able to supply them with all the things they need in addition to their medical marijuana builds up a relationship of trust. This ensures loyalty to your dispensary and a continually growing business trajectory.

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