How long does it take for weed to expire?

Does Weed go Bad? How Long Does it Take for Weed to Expire?

Let’s face it – it’s a myth that we’ve all thought about, both straight-faced and stoned. Heck, you’ve probably heard stories about it, too. You know, the one where a guy finds a 20-year-old ounce of weed and smokes himself to oblivion.

The most common belief surrounding this facet of the cannabis culture is that older weed gets more potent. This opinion is embedded in the minds of stoners around the world. But is it really true?

So, can weed really expire? Could there be, perhaps, a moment when you smoke a joint from such sold weed that you don’t really feel anything? This is a truly perplexing question and we’ve decided to employ all the knowledge from the field of botany.

Let’s take a dive into the conundrum of weed’s expiry date and how will your lungs and brain cells respond to the aging process.

Can weed really expire?

Before we dig deep into the problematic, the answer is – yes. Somewhere on the road towards legalization and decriminalization, we’ve seemingly forgotten about the notion that marijuana is merely a plant. Just like every other plant, marijuana falls under the group of living beings and all living beings break down to tiny particles at some point.

It would be crazy to think that weed really can last forever, wouldn’t it? Even when the buds are plucked and dried out, it’s still a living being we’re talking about. Although it doesn’t grow anymore, it can succumb to the rotting process after a certain while. But, how long are we talking when we mention the fear of going bad?

The temporal guidelines

Marijuana indeed has a shelf life. There is no need to panic when hearing about this – it isn’t a reason to go crazy and smoke an ounce of Orange Bud in three hours with your mates.

Through multiple studies conducted in recent years, we’ve concluded that weed can be kept without losing its potency for 12-18 months. So, your stash can survive and retain its potency for a year to a year and a half. Not bad, huh?

Absolutely, this is great news despite the fact that it proves that decades-old weed becoming more potent is just a myth.

Okay, I’ve found some kush in my old stash – do I throw it away?

Despite the fact that weed can indeed go bad, there is no need to make hasty decisions and throw it out straight away. Why would you do that? For starters, you should check the texture. If your dope stash if full of dry and crumbled buds, you may be looking at less potent weed. However, this isn’t something to be bummed about.

You should appreciate the fact that you’ve actually found some weed in the first place. And besides – just because it’s less potent, it doesn’t mean you can’t get incredibly blasted off of it. Therefore, you can safely put more than usual in your bong or joint – just to make sure you get the same effects like with more potent weed.

How do I store my weed to keep it fresh for a long time?

Of course, we knew you were going to ask that question – that’s why we came fully prepared to dispel any uncertainties concerning weed storage and its preservation. To start off, we want to touch on the subject of the conditions weed should be in.

Obviously, any type of water or liquid is a big no-no. Weed can’t be burned properly nor can it retain its potency if you remove its moderate dryness. That’s why the first parameter should be that the location should be a dry one.

Next up, you should definitely avoid any type of light. Sunlight, in particular, dries out your buds and makes them less potent, much faster than you would like.

Okay, so where should I put my buds?

We’ve compiled a list of the best possible storage units for your weed, regardless of the location or type of your residence. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Small zip bags – this class way of keeping your weed safe is a foolproof one. Just make sure that the bags you have are good quality and that they don’t have any holes or ruptures within them.

Classic jars – they can be see-through or not, it depends on what you have at the moment. They provide you with enough space to keep your weed, without risking the loss of individuals bags. Measure how much weed you want to stash and then subsequently pick the jar size you want.

Airtight containers – these usually cost a little bit more and require an investment. But make no mistake – they are a worthwhile one. The airtight seal will give you a safe environment for the weed, just by keeping any oxygen or other gasses out. Moreover, this does indeed extend the way survives the time. You should get one if you intend on storing your weed for a longer period of time.

Moisture-retaining container – this technology is fairly new to the market. Many experts use it in order to both retain the quality of fresh weed and the rejuvenation of older batches. It’s a bit costly, but don’t hesitate to invest in it if you’re in stashing the kush for a longer period of time. If you’re moving, a moisture-retainer would be an excellent choice for dark days.

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